Spooks, Specters & Ghosts by ΣΕΘ (SET)

Spooks, Specters & Ghosts is the third offering from Arizona’s ΣΕΘ (SET) and the record takes you into a realm they like to call SubGoth: a dark blend of Future Bass, Witch House and Industrial. Handily, SubGoth also happens to be the name of their collective of like-minded artists. Whether it be soothing, melancholy, aggressive or all three at once, this album’s blend of mostly instrumental jams is sure to put the listener is a head space of cerebral reverie.

SubGoth colleagues Persona and H Λ Z Δ Я D lend a hand on ASYLUM and Friends Don’t Lie, respectively. And there ain’t nothing wrong with keeping it in the family when it comes to collaborations.

Movie geek that I am, I can’t help but imagine this album as the soundtrack to a futuristic film noir. You’ll hear what I mean when you encounter songs like TEARS, Dominion or You Once Were My Light. Moments In Isolation even manages to slip in just a bit of Trap in its beat. Altogether, the whole of Spooks, Specters & Ghosts is greater than the sum of its parts. And it can be listened to just about anywhere.

And if ΣΕΘ (SET) ever does score a film, I feel comfortable with recommending it in advance.



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