In 2018 I found myself plunging back into the world of music. I guess I had become a bit stagnant caught up in the past of (Goth/Post Punk/Industrial/Darkwave/Synth) and kept in a safe place of music that had happened several decades before. I saw something happening and a wealth of talent flooding the scene that either I had overlooked or was having a Renaissance. Things had changed though beyond just the bands making music. Review pages, Djs, Videos, and labels had all been changing with the modern times. I was having a hand time finding reviews and interviews that dug deeper and shared the inspiration I was feeling in the now world wide connection of this music style. I decided to try my hand at writing reviews and interviews in a way that expressed the excitement I felt in sharing this new music I loved and interviewing the bands from a musicians perspective. I’m not a great writer, surely no journalist so along the way I brought in someone who was. My amazing and talented partner Rachel Pool to help add some credence to what I was trying to create. We don’t make money on this, or fame, we are just two people with a deep passion for sharing the music we find that inspires us. Our hope is that you find here a new band and sound that inspires you to tell someone else about what you heard. Spread the love of music and support the bands here. I only review bands that have made us feel something, so I don’t write take down reviews. Only the thoughts of what I felt and what I heard. If you like this, print off 5 copies, take them to the (coffee house, club, show, meeting place) in your city and leave them somewhere to be found. Share and like on social media. To make great art, these bands need your support and this is one way you make that support happen.

Much love,

Ken Magerman