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Sounds and Shadows is page dedicated to sharing the music and stories of all genres dark and intense. . A few years back I felt something stirring in the dark emotional music I loved. A move back into the forefront of Goth/Industrial/Post Punk/ColdWave/Darkwave/EDM ect. So many new bands were bursting on the scene it became difficult to find and appreciate everything I was hearing. Yet when I went in search of music review pages that too had changed. The world had become quick blurbs and online media posts. I got it in my head to start writing about everything I was hearing and what those beautiful sounds made me feel. I brought in other voices to expand the scope . I found I was not alone. People who had a hunger for reviews that went into more than a brief synopsis and took a deeper look at the vision we took away from these artists. Now we have a podcast that gives a voice for artists to share music that they love. As long as you keep reading and listening. We will keep searching for sounds that make us feel.

We are not journalists. We are musicians, fans, and just people passionate about sharing new music from all over the world. to Each album is listened to a minimum of 5 times. I don’t have time to do that for something I don’t love. That’s why you will not see reviews of bands we don’t like. We share what we love, we share what moves us, we are always searching for more. I hope you find something here that you love too.

Our Writers:

Ken Magerman – Lead singer of the band Amaranth. I was an English minor in college at Western Michigan University and can’t write for shit. Now I work for a bank and drink red wine and blather about bands I love to anyone who will listen. I’ve seen more bands in 42 years than any lucky human has a right to claim. Editor and reviewer of the page. Primary genres covered Goth, Industrial, Post Punk, Industrial, Cold Wave, Synthwave, Pop, Brit pop, Electronica, Post modern Christian Grindcore. TubPunk

Collin Schipper – Wizard of all technical aspects and consultant on how the music reviewed is actually produced. He is also the bass player of Amaranth and my bestie šŸ™‚ Also the producer and other voice on the podcast. Primary Genres: Industrial, Goth, EDM, Metal, and Katy Perry

Katy Knal May – Singer/Songwriter for Katy Needs A Life. Dj and Vinyl aficionado. Glorious ball of searing light in human form. Producer and editor of the Sounds and Shadows Podcast. Primary Genres: Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Indie, Glam, Punk, Synthwave.

Hide – Hailing from Norway, the dark specter of Carrion . He has a deep history and understanding of the noisier chaotic side of darkness. Specialties include: Aggrotech, Industrial, Noise Music, EDM.

Steven Archer – Is a renaissance artists of multiple mediums and genres. Visual Art, poetry, video, and music. His projects include Ego Likeness, Stoneburner, and several projects he contributes on. Specialties include Industrial, Electronic, Goth, Synthwave, and he invented Wolfcore.

Damien Frost – Our amazing guitar wizard who has played in a wide range of bands from Mushmen to current project Hard Candy. His areas of expertise include Rock, Britpop, Electronica, Synthwave, Ska, Emo, Post Punk, and Goth.

Lou Blacksail. – talented musician from the Pacific Northwest with a specialty in Alternative/Goth/Batcave/Darkwave.

Joe Whiteaker is the vocalist and principal songwriter for the Funeral March of the Marionettes. He has an eclectic taste in music but mainly dabbles in the goth/post-punk/darkwave/witch-house spaces.

Whitney Flaherty – Is our new official photographer. She specializes in music and erotic images. I’m excited to have her up our visual game to match the reviews and interviews we are doing. She specializes in darkwave/electronica/goth/industrial. As well as being a mod of our Sounds and Shadows Facebook group.

Jaret S. Young is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer based in San Diego, CA. His ongoing musical project is the band Wake-Up Screaming. Genres: Goth , Industrial, Indie, Shoegaze.

Jeremy Hinks – An indie music journalist and concert photographer in Salt Lake City Utah. An avid DUNE fan, and love writing about music. An outspoken ally of the LGBTQ community, and an Anarchist, A thorn in the side “Behind the Zion Curtain”. Host of the music journalism podcast “Sticky Jazz” with a fetish for computer hacking.

Jenny Wilson – Live show correspondent for the Midwest. Specializing in Post Punk/Darkwave/Alternative. Check out their musical project Spy the Night.

Lucas Liner – Ohio/Midwest writer that does live show correspondence covering EDM/Darkwave/Industrial

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