Sounds and Shadows Podcast #14 Feat Steven Archer (Ego Likeness/Stoneburner

 Steven is a Renaissance man who is has been involved in several important music projects in Goth/Industrial in the last 2 decades. Ego Likeness, Stoneburner, ect. Also a writer and visual artist. I speak to him fairly frequently online , however I think this was the longest verbal conversation we ever had. I think it was a wonderful glimpse into the details of his artistic process and his journey though music and art. Links below for some of his work.

I love this fucking song so deeply

A Example of the paintings for sale on the above link

Literary Work, link above

Sounds and Shadows Podcast #13 Featuring Ania of I Ya Toyah. Recorded 3/7/20

I love every podcast we have done. This one was really special though. Ania is such a force of nature. Her music, her passion, and laser focus on her goals. I really feel this is the most personal and revealing conversation we have had of an artist. It felt so good how much she opened up about her life and journey. This is a future star and being able to feel the glow of her rise is a gift. As always I will link the bands we discussed as well as pictures of her dog.

Intro song by Katy Needs a Life

The Joy Thieves Feat: Ania

Lorelei Dreaming
This is Benek love him!
Listen to Benek’s musical work

Lumbra Productions
I Ya Toyah donates to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for every show

Sounds and Shadows Podcast #11 with Curse Mackey Featuring Beauty in Chaos

Exciting new podcast with Curse Mackey of (Evil Mothers) (Pigface) (Pig) (Sine) where we discuss his solo sonic sculpture “Instant Exorcism”. Getting an in depth look into his creative process, his amazing tour with Clan of Xymox, Twin Tribes, Bellwether Syndicate, and Specters. As well as parenting wins like raising him on the mothers milk of William Burroughs. As always I will link all the bands we discussed below.

Rona Rougeheart
Steven Seibold

Sounds and Shadows Podcast #10 Featuring Sonsombre

Extremely excited for our 10th podcast featuring Sonsombre on Cleopatra records. I really feel like Brandon represents the future of traditional goth music. Here we have a wonderful discussion about the past and future of goth music, his hat, and festivals he is excited for in the coming year. Below are links to Sonsombre and all the bands we discuss.

Sounds and Shadows Podcast Featuring Sonsombre


4 April… Dark Spring Boston Festival (Boston)
18 April… Last Rites 2 (Washington, DC)
16 May… Convergence 26 (Louisville, KY)
6 June… The Low Sun Festival (Athens, Greece)
8-16 June… UK Tour (details TBA soon)
3 October… Baltimore, MD (details TBA soon)
9 October… Absolution FEST (Tampa, FL)

The Kentucky Vampires

Guillotine Dream

Scary Black

Sounds and Shadows Podcast #8 Featuring Elz and The Cult

Sounds and Shadows podcast With Elz and The Cult.

Here we discuss the past and future of the Turkish underground scene, meeting heroes, German airport rescues, family, their new album and upcoming Cold Transmission tour, as well as play some great bands. You don’t want to miss this.

The Raws – Lovely Turkish Batcave Horror punk

ART DIKTATOR – Psyco disco: like ABBA but full of delicious pain

Etnik Sentetik – Hard, mean, fast, old-school industrial mixed with delicious 90’s dance sounds