Le critère de Griffith by Attention fête

Coming from an experimental music background myself, I was quick to appreciate this latest mindbender from Attention fête. “Le critère de Griffith” creates images of walking down a long dark hallway with a sinister unknown waiting at the end. All four tracks on this EP were created solely using improvised treated clarinet sounds. It’s amazing and almost hard to believe that everything heard on these recordings was made without the use of synths or samples of any kind. With “3,6 × 10⁹ Pa”, the longest track at 6:24, the whole thing is delivered with a digestible brevity; a sampling of sounds and textures that stimulate yet mystify.

This Montreuil, France band wears its admiration for, and influence from, British sound art pioneers Coil on its sleeve. The title of “The last five minutes before death” is an obvious nod to Coil’s 1986 sonic tour-de-force Horse Rotorvator.

While not what I would strictly classify as an Ambient recording, the songs seem to hover in mid-air with a presence; like trying to ignore the ghost in the room while it makes the listener’s hairs stand on end.