SpanktheNun Single – Chrome – hits the slow brooding industrial right in the face

The Dark Electro act, SPANKTHENUN charged the scene in 2019 from Dallas TX, releasing their first EP with remixes from Assemblage23, LaeatherStrip, Slighter and ESA – produced by IVardensphere.  25 releases later, this latest Chrome EP brings what appears to 3 remixes from Exitize, Gutenberg and Psyence Fiction from an upcoming release “From the Bunker III” – the original being listed as “Version II”.  A slow brooding stomp, this one seems to bring some alternate EDM flavors you might not normally find and an industrial release but instead on some early Knife Party, along with some hip-hop scratching. But don’t get me wrong, the sound is pure dark electro with vox reminding me of KMFDM – no idea why, its not in German, but still growly and visceral.  4 versions appear on this EP, my favorite being the Exitize version.  Gutenberg mix brings the beat upfront with more varied beat, not as easy to dance to.  Version II is also more hip-hop style beat, and takes more time to get going, but ends up being a stomper.  Psyence Fiction rounds it out with a short version that is slow, gruff, and adds some dissonance as it ends it with a bang.

Extize courtesy of DarkTunes Music Group.
Psyence Fiction