Retail Therapy by Fact Pattern

When I first saw the video for Fact Pattern’s Retail Therapy, I thought it was a bizarre subliminal infomercial. It took a moment to realize that was the intention. This being my first exposure to Fact Pattern, I didn’t know what to expect. The video rolls out like the infomercial from Hell; everything that’s reviled about consumerism all wrapped in a stylish package. Guests appear in a talk show format seemingly with the belief that whatever snake oil the host is hawking will be the panacea to their lives… or not. The video’s director (and Fact Pattern bandleader), Ian Flux nails it on the head with a spot-on observation and critique of consumption over introspection. And it’s done with high production value and a keen eye for detail.

The video coincides with the release of Retail Therapy as the final single from Fact Pattern’s 2021 EP, From Where You’re Hiding.

As for the song itself, the level of quality remains consistent. The heavy riffs and bellowed vocals drive home the feeling of disquiet that is the theme of the song. The instrumental break towards the end of the song shows off the band’s musicianship without taking away from the crux of the lyrics. Additionally, the Blak Emoji remix is definitely worth your time as well.

Since taking the time to give From Where You’re Hiding a proper listen, I feel like Fact Pattern is really out to say something; compelling the listener to introspection and all the horrors that it may entail. The production quality is top-notch and crystal clear. From Where You’re Hiding is heavy as hell but still quite listenable.

I’m so pleased that From Where You’re Hiding did not escape my radar. I’m already looking forward to more from Fact Pattern and will be listening to their back catalog as well.