Black Palette by Gary Robert and Community

I have to admit, this was a fun change of pace for me. I haven’t messed with punk rock for many a moon.
But Gary Robert and Community‘s new release Black Palette scratched an itch I haven’t felt in a while. This one is a straight ahead rocker with some darker moments. It makes me think of the NYC bands from the late 1970s; especially since the vocals carry a noticeable Lou Reed vibe.

The production quality is adequate for capturing a power trio rocking out. It’s not overdone. I like that. It makes it seem more authentic to the era this Cape Girardeau, Missouri band gives tribute.

My favorite is Somewhere Tonight, the only slow jam and one of those darker moments. Back to that comparison to NYC bands, this track makes me think of the likes of Sonic Youth and SWANS. The vocals take on a chanting-like rhythm along with the droning guitars and slow beat, giving the track a hint of the psychedelic.

The band has some fun with the time signature on the title track. And finally, they ramp up the speed on 19, the final song.

If you’re into punk, you’ll enjoy the ride on this record. But fans of Deathrock and Jangle Pop would do well to check out Black Palette as well.