Shallow Dive into the insular world of WitchHouse

It’s 2020 and if I had a dollar for every time some North Brooklyn hipster has pronounced witch house (vvi†ch hou$3) dead, I’d have enough $$ to buy my own headstone.

No longer trendy, the genre has fallen back into its own fold. Occult fetishists across the world bumping this shit as we speak. And as proof here are some producers currently churning out suicide rave.

△Sco△ – Russia

Sco writes the prettiest shit. Super dancy and bouncy. I don’t really go to clubs but if they played Sco I would. If anyone was ever under the impression that you can’t simultaneously be violently suicidal and also be having the time of your life, here’s this.

✂︎ – France

666vandal got as many aliases as i have mental disorders. Their sound is probably the most distinct of any witch house project I’ve ever heard. Distorted beyond recognition but not foregoing any of the beauty. Rave at the end of the world.

stereo cross – Russia

So I don’t have proof of this but i’d bet my life on stereo cross having been scene in the myspace era. Aesthetically and sonically you find a fondness for the melodramatic late aughts. Moving seamlessly between remixes of post hardcore classics or emo rap anthems and fucked up, pitch shifted witch house proper.

Edith Underground (fka internetgf) – Florida

Edith Underground is the soundtrack to getting your ankle slashed. Glittery nightcore remixes will lull into a sense of security and next thing you know you’re drowning in a lake. Truama is personified and sublimated in Edith.

If you are 100% new to the genre and want to hear some of the originators of this sound and also some of the most notable check out:

Salem, IC3PEAK, oOoOO, White Ring, BL4CK C3ILING, Balam Acab, Pictureplane, Crystal Castles (not canon but aligned), Crim3s, Ritualz, ∆AIMON, Sidewalks & Skeletons

thanks for reading – wwithout