Pit Dunce by The Writhers

This one cracked me up. San Diego’s The Writhers are at it again, this time they’re bringing one of their live show traditions to record with Pit Dunce.

The Writhers have been releasing a series of singles since 2021 and Pit Dunce is their fourth installment.

According to their press release, “This track was originally created to accompany a tour gag that involved a member of the crowd being asked to wear the aptly named “pit dunce” cap as a fun way to call them out for not participating in the merriment of the live show. People were then instructed to dance around them “to please the gods”.”

And the gag comes complete with its own song. Pit Dunce is fun, fast and unapologetically silly.

Don’t be a pit dunce (Pit dunce, pit dunce)
Heed my advice (Pit dunce, pit dunce)
Keep the circle moving (Pit dunce, pit dunce)
Mosh or pay the price (Pit dunce, pit dunce)

The track opens with the feel of a 1950s doo-wop tune before cutting loose with the drunken singalong “Horrorpunkabillyrocknroll” craziness that The Writhers love to bring.

With Pit Dunce in the can, let’s see what The Writhers have in store for their fifth installment.