BLAKMOTH is a modular artist who`s part of a small but hopefully growing group of artists who works towards showing a different and darker side of the world of modular based music.

While a good amount of such music tends to be generative, ambient-esque bleeps, bloops and often on the ligher side of things BLAKMOTH composes dark, doomy, gloomy yet rhythmic creations within his own, self-made world of what he calls “Doombient” music.

I got in touch with BLAKMOTH after having seen, listened to and admired his style for a little while now to find out what his thoughts and creative process is.

Could you introduce yourself to our readers to start this of?

Hello my name is Jack and I create music under the name Blakmoth.

How long has BLAKMOTH been around and what inspired you to create this?

I’ve been creating music as Blakmoth for about 5 years now. I’ve always created music but wasn’t inspired to do it professionally until I saw my daughters love for music

You just released an album entitled “Deathshead” your name is Blakmoth, your Bandcamp subscription service is called Cult Of The Moth, is there any particular reason or symbolism regarding the constant moth reference?

Moths are kinda like my spirit animal.  I wanted a name that had a tribalism like vibe that represented that and my personality and sound. Which has a dark overtone that seemingly chases the light. 

Your music isn`t what most people associate with modular synthesizer i.e ambient bleeps and bloops. What made you go down the darker, grittier path?

I did it not only to be unique but also inspire others to think outside the box. I feel like it’s become an aesthetic with modular to just grab some plucky sounds and make generative patches. Not everyone is doing that but as I scroll through social media I hear a lot of the same sound and vibe and it gets repetitive.  I wanted to bring a different narrative to the table. 

When you switch your system on, do you tend to have an idea of what you want to create or do you rely more on “happy accidents” ?

Never.  It often starts with a drone or some sound designing. I often find inspiration in that sound and build on that. 

If I were to pick out one module I associate with you it would have to be the Manis Iteritas from Noise Engineering. How has NE`s creations shaped your sound and what is it about them that attracts you?

That’s a perfect association. When going for that doombient sound Manis fit the mold so well so much so I built a whole 88hp rack around one module.  For me it’s the playability and feature richness of Noise Engineering’s modules. 

Looking through your release one might notice you release new music quite often both for the public as well as your monthly singles collections for subscribers. How much time do you spend composing?

Composing is life! Seriously though, 6-8 hours a day.  Sometimes a whole day. When I’m working on albums. 

You`ve carved out your own little sound called “Doombient”. What are the key components of this sound in your own words?

Doombient is composed of dark brooding atmospherics and textures. There’s also a rhythmic component that may come from drums or the drone itself.  The idea came about because I wanted to push ambient into a darker space. Be the complete opposite of bleep bloops and plucks. 

If someone came by your house, what music would they find you listening to?

Doomjazz, or some of my favorite social media friends.  I listen to the people I follow most of all.

You`ve recently joined Errorgrid Records who`s quickly becoming the host of some of the greatest up and coming darkly inclined electronic artists. What plans do you have with them going forwards?

In the near future I have a release November 6th. Over the long term I plan to keep growing artistically and stay prolific. 

The space is below is yours to use for whatever you feel like wether it be shout-outs, music reccomandations, a favourite quote, anything.

If I had advise to give it would be this, stay true to your self. Success doesn’t come from imitating others. Find what makes you unique and push that no matter if you have 5 fans or 10k. Just be you. Don’t compete with anyone but yourself and find inspiration in that.

Stay Grim. 

Follow BLAKMOTH and hear his music via the following links:

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