NITE: Synths, guitars, and fabulous hair (an interview)

Okay, time to talk about NITE. I feel ashamed to say this, but I was not familiar with them until I saw them at Absolution Fest in Tampa. I remember very vividly, I was standing in the back by the bar, finishing up some fruity mixed drink, wondering who’d grace the stage next. I saw two guys, rocking haircuts somewhere between those of Mötley Crüe and Dead or Alive, black blazers, and silver epaulettes. You really don’t see that much these days. I know judging a book by its cover is forbidden, but come on. How could I see that and not expect something special? I ran outside to the patio, grabbed my friend by her arm, and insisted she needed to come inside for this act. I had a good feeling about whatever was going to happen next.

And I was 100% right. NITE absolutely killed it. I migrated quickly to the front of the stage where I was too mesmerized by the absolute energy of their music to even remember to record a video. I loved every song I heard. This is the sort of band that makes you head-bang, jump, yell, and groove along. They were captivating and unforgivable. Both me and my friend immediately bought t-shirts.

Now, their online discography is a little different. But that’s to be expected, you know? The vibrancy and energy is still fully present, but I find it a little more dreamy. There’s a niche genre label called “outrun,” a subset of synthwave and a cousin to vaporwave, dominated by a feeling of darker 80s aesthetics with neon-lights, sports cars, and Miami-looking cities. I would like to apply that label here. If you’re unfamiliar with the genre label, picture this: you’re wearing a leather jacket, driving some sort of convertible towards the sunset, trees and buildings are flying past you on either side, the wind’s in your hair, your sunglasses are steady on your face, and NITE is playing.

Anyways. Let’s get to the point. NITE.

Here is their website


And their Bandcamp


So, how did this group start? I know (minus the live drummer) you’re twin brothers. Have you been making music together for a long time?

Yes we have, Kyle and I always dreamed of doing music together. We started playing shows as teenagers doing the same thing. Synths, guitars, and a live drummer. Not much has changed! Haha.

I’ll admit I did a little digging and found an interview in which, I believe, you cited 80s synth legends like Depeche Mode as inspiration. However, seeing you play live I noticed several qualities such as the hair (who could overlook the hair!), immense stage energy, mild guitar theatrics, and crowd interaction that seemed to evoke the hair/glam/power metal/rock scene of the era as well. This was a pleasant surprise to me and added a layer that distinguished your performance from many others I’ve seen. Would you say this is an intentional connection?

Or, to put that more simply- do you draw inspiration from that genre as well?

The first show we’ve ever seen was KISS at the ripe age of 10! I’m wearing a KISS shirt as I type and we even dressed as them for Halloween after we saw them live. Something about that show stuck with us forever. Musically, I’m not entirely sure how much that inspiration makes it to the recording process, but the energy we bring live is attributed to glam rock music.

And I adored that energy!

Thank you 🙏 Stoked you enjoy it!

I was fortunate enough to witness you at Absolution Fest in Tampa a couple weeks ago. This was one stop on a string of concerts. How’s that touring been going? Any memorable moments?

Yeah it was our first time outside of Texas for two years! It’s liberating to travel together as a band and play shows. The show in Tampa was amazing. The people in attendance were extremely warm and that’s why we love Tampa. Absolution Fest and the people who run it are also amazing people! We are grateful you were there for the show! We will never forget it!

And, well, on my end I’ve got a t-shirt and one badly taken photograph as souvenirs from the occasion! As well as the memories, so thank you for that.

I have to ask- during Absolution Fest, you played a short rendition of Personal Jesus. Any plans to make it an official release?

HAHA that’s awesome. I love blurry photos and their charm. Yes we did! We don’t have any plans yet for an official release but we do love to tease little snippets of cover songs in our sets from time to time!

Speaking of covers, word on the street is you’ve got a new release out….want to say a little on that?

We just released a cover of, “Would?” for Alice In Chains. This is a song Kyle and I had a connection to. Discovering AIC felt like rediscovering Joy Division for the first time. There’s no doubt in my mind that the song “Would?” Could’ve been a great post punk song, so we had to make the cross over. We added electronics and Industrial textures to our rendition of the song, we hope people will enjoy our version of it.

I hope the same!

Last question about covers- what are the favorite ones you’ve done, either as official releases or fun snippets?

Earlier this year The Smashing Pumpkins took notice to our cover of 1979 on TikTok and shared it to their story on Instagram/Facebook. That was unreal.

That really is somethin.

(Here is a link to said video.)

So, a quick look at your Spotify shows a hell of a lot of releases. How as your style, technique, preferences, and direction changes over the course of these years?

We’ve been trading remixes with a lot of our friends we’ve made touring over the years. It’s really cool to work on someone else’s song and we’ve even started mixing other artists.

We’re looking forward to releasing our own originals next year. We’re going back to the darkness we’ve captured on our first album, but we’re going to try and emulate what we create live, so it will be heavier.

Nice. Are there any artists that you’ve yet to work with, but would like to someday? Can be “feasible” ones or even just celebrity dreams.

Dream remixes we’d love to work on are anything from Actors or the band The Faint!

I’ve interacted with a few members of Actors- they seem to be really solid people, I’m also a big fan. I’d love to see that come together!

We met them opening for them in SLC a few years ago. Agreed! We love those guys!

Hey Actors! If you’re reading this interview….you know what to do!

Haha love it! Thank you Arthur!

Next question. So, on your Spotify, there are a lot of releases. Albums, remixes, singles. For someone who is new to NITE, what material would you recommend starting with?

Man, that’s a good question. Our cover of “Would?” Is a good place to start for where we are going and we’d still love for people to hear our latest album, “Sleepless”.

What’s your songwriting process like? Unless that’s confidential….

Haha not confidential!

Kyle and I start off individually, usually on an instrumental portion. Then we trade off and start building on to each other’s projects. We will trade project files over email a lot.

We do the same for mixing other artists, it’s great to always have an extra set of ears!

Is the lyric process the same way?

Yes it is! Everything is shared, we try to be as collaborative as possible and keep each other accountable to create the best song we can possibly create.

I know choosing a favorite piece of music is like picking a favorite child, but is there any riff or lyric you’re particularly proud of? Time to brag.

Our song Moonlight from our album, Reborn is a song we are proud of. The music came out really quickly but the lyrics are brutally honest and vulnerable. I still look back and love what came out, it’s cathartic to play live too.

You started making music as teenagers, and now you’re in festivals across America. What’s a piece of advice you’d give to your teenage selves if you could go back in time?

Great question! Just keep it simple and do it because you enjoy it. It’s far more important than success.

Nice. Last question for you, to wrap up the interview: is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Thank you for giving us your time and energy to listen to what we create! Thank you for going out to a performance and having to go through all the struggle to get there! You are amazing and inspiring.

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