Piss Up A Rope by Sea Lungs

Dark, gritty, and just a bit angry. These are just some of the words that come to mind when describing
the new track from Melbourne’s Sea Lungs. This song less-than-subtly decries capitalism and those who perpetuate (or did someone say “exploit”) it.

The guitar riff satisfies without going overboard, while the solo attacks like a buzzsaw. The rhythm is nice and gutsy with a deep kick drum thump that pounds you in the chest. The vocals exudes a deathrock vibe that would make Rozz Williams proud. And the production value captures all the parts in a lo-fi garage rock way, which suits the song well.

I picked up on a hint of Glam Rock in this song as well; it breaks up the verse-chrous-verse song structure nicely and the lyrics defy typical rhyming conventions. The ending drives home its point with rhythmic pounding that leaves its mark. Altogether, the song rolls out like a anti-capitalist anthem.

Fans of Christian Death and Virgin Prunes should sit up and take notice of Sea Lungs.


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