Death Rebirth Repeat by Clockwork Echo

My take on Clockwork Echo‘s new release, Death Rebirth Repeat, is a very simple one: non-stop bangers! If ever there was an album that a DJ could pick almost any track at random to spin at a club, this is it! Some tracks may be marginally slower than others, sure. But I dare you to pick one that isn’t dancefloor-ready.

Catchy synth riffs? Check. Growling, distorted vocals? Check. Relentlessly pounding beats? Check. Death Rebirth Repeat covers all the bases.

The only exception you’ll find is the eleventh and final track, Fifty-Seven Opus Magnum; which, at eight seconds long, is more of a closing statement than anything else.

But if I WERE to recommend a specific song, the Alien Vampires Remix of the title track is worth a spin. In fact, I’ll probably spin this one myself at my next DJ gig. Komor Kommando also lend a hand with their remix of Feed Me Drugs.

DJs, take heed! You want this record!

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