Politics Failing by Doktor Zayus

This independent single from SoCal’s Doktor Zayus covers all the bases for a four-on-the-floor club banger while the intro and interludes are interesting sonic experiments that warrant mention. Bosh Bonesy of Bricklayer Bosh provides vocals on the Club Edit Mix that makes me think of my favorite punk singers rather than a style typical of EBM vocalists. Imagine if Ari Up of The Slits went electro and you get the idea. Mind you, that’s not a complaint. It just comes down to personal taste on this one. If this isn’t your thing, the instrumental 8B-X2 Remix may be more your speed.

My only complaint is I would like to have seen more post-production on the recording. But look at it this way, the raw production quality also falls into the punk-rock aesthetic as well.

Between each remix is an interlude that is pure rhythmic sound design. If it’s meant to mess with the listener’s head, it worked.

While the recording is a bit rough around the edges, the ideas behind Politics Failing are solid. Anything I could nitpick about would be an easy fix while Doktor Zayus has the crucial parts covered.



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