Released in November of 2022 Venetian Veil `s six song EP The Lands Of The Living And The Dead is a lush, ethereal take on post-punk that drips with melancholy and nostalgic flair.

From the opening notes of intro track Asleep In The Land Of The Living through third track The Lamb we`re given mid-tempo percussion, reverberating guitar melodies that carry a certain sombre twang to them all topped off with an exchange of vocals between the two members throughout the EP. Awake In The Land Of The Dead coming in as track four creates the sense of a real SIde-A, Side-B situation which makes the release come off more conceptual and thematic, a true body of work if you will as opposed to a collection of songs.

This is the perfect soundtrack for night drives, be it solitary ones or in the company of friends, lovers and all that may exist inbetween. I can easily envision myself playing this during the twilight hours and wishing to stay in that state forever, washed to the proverbial sea by the soundwaves of Venetian Veil.

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