While scrolling around various Bandcamp sites and checking out the “If you like X you may also like..” section at the bottom I spotted this four song EP from Indonesian Post-Punk act Klandestine…

I`m not quite sure what drew me to it but I suspect it had something to do with the fact that the majority of the releases Bandcamp suggested were ones I already was aware of and heard, and of course liked, for anyone who may be curious the others included Acts Of Worship from ACTORS and FIERCE by Hante just to name a few.

A crawling serpent through what looks like a white maze-like square on a black backing. A fairly traditional type of cover art as far as our scene is concerned but they, it caught my attention, it did it`s job.

Skepticism, the title of the first track, not my attitude going into this. Lyrically it laments the increasing same-ness of the world, the death of individuality, the ever blurring lines of right and wrong. At least that is my initial interpretation after reading along on my first listen. Musically it feels almost noir like in its introductory notes with mysterious melodies slithering along as the almost staccato like vocals enter the frame. Subdued effected guitars sprawling alongside a steady drum.

Definetly getting Rozz-era Christian Death but without making me think that I could just put on an actual CD album instead as it doesn`t seem to really try to be that, the influence is undeniable but that can surely be said of more than 90% of bands in the scene, some do it better than others of course.

On Suspiriorum the vocals are pulled back but not so far you strain to hear them, what stands out about this is definetly the guitar lines, lyrically it nods to the Dario Argento film Suspiria as the title may suggest, it just so happens to be one of my favourites (the original that is) which could heighten both my enthusiasm and criticism I suppose.

Sin introduces itself slowly, a droning pad, tribal drums and a slow heavily effected guitar enter the stage one by one before all melting together in a deathrock-witch-brew.

Snow Flowers On Eve Mourn is our parting song and it kicks up the pace again ever so slightly after the previous atmospheric affair. The chorus is one of the more upbeat moments of the EP although tempo-wise all four tracks are fairly consistent with minor deviations, not so much a complaint as merely an observation.

I may not have mentioned that as far as I can tell this appears to be the quarteds debut release and with that in mind it certanly isnt a bad start. Ill make sure to keep an eye on them and hope for a follow-up be that another EP or a full-length album. As I said, not a bad start though I have no doubt this gang has so much more to offer.

Check it out yourself and give them a follow:



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