Song of the Day Gloom Wizard “Firelight”

Newest release from the spooktastic goth rock sound of Gloom Wizard from Mexico. I speak often of my current occasion with the Mexican “Darkscene” and this one is special as led by our Sounds and Shadows group admin Anibal.

From the opening bell I love the smooth sliding bass line mixed with the frantic feel of the video. The character is twitching like a possession victim. The suited demons are tormenting them and the piercing guitars make pin prick marks upon us. The vocals are a rhythmic chant, almost spell work to bind us and centralize the ritual. As the music builds in intensity and the distorted guitars slash away at our sanity the tormenting demons whisper promises and threats. The organic rock feel has a real Nick Cave energy in the gentle ballad full of murder and menace. A powerful narrative that leaves me hungry for this rising star.


Ani voice and programming and keys, Rich, guitars, programming, keys. Aurelio played bass


Tell me where the name Gloom Wizard came from?

It would be fantastic to say that the name Gloom Wizard is a precisely crafted nomastic sigil created with precise attention to the Gematria of the words, much the way Crowley changed Alexander to Aleister because of the numerological value, but that would be a lie. In reality, my friend Jessica came up with the name during a trip down here to Guadalajara. I (Ani, vocals) tend to dwell on the more morose and dreary aspects of life as well as the more esoteric, so in conversation she described me as a “gloom wizard” and that really stuck with me. I formed the band about four months later and used the name.

When did you obsession with the Macabre begin?

In my case, it’s definitely always been there, even since I was a little child. I’ve always had a predilection for the more creepy, weird aspects of life and I was always the weirdo at school checking out books about aliens, magic, ghosts, and true strangeness. Kids would definitely look at my funny a lot. Furthermore, I’ve always been really into shows about these things like ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and THE X-FILES. The older I got, the more I got into actually studying ritual magick and more comparative theology. Similarly, Rich has always been really into Medieval and Tolkienesque things, which usually go hand in hand with the macabre in some way. Therefore we often talk about those things during lulls in making music.

La Fiera (Famous Luchador Father)

Your father was an entertainer as well correct? Do you think this played a part in being drawn to pageantry?

My father was a rather famous and well-known Mexican wrestler from the eighties and early nineties. He’s pretty legendary in that sport; people will occasionally still ask me if I’m related to him when I give out my name. His whole thing was rocking a mullet and a rocker look with a leather jacket and the more I think about it, the more I think maybe I’m channelling him! I’m not particularly sure this aspect played a huge part in being drawn into the pageantry of rock, but I’ve certainly always been a sucker for all of the pomp and circumstance of the show, whether it be in movies or on stage or in the ring. My mom frequently took my brother and I to a lot of my dad’s events, so we were exposed to that early on and loved the rush of seeing these veritable deities playing out vast epics before our very eyes.

What was your inspiration for this video?

Well, I always knew the video would have to do with a person plagued by their secret darkside, but the video actually is quite different than the first treatment. Initially, the main character was going to be a monstrous looking man who went about his day in a really normal way, as if no one really perceived that he was a hideous abomination, only he could see that about himself and it really troubled him. The big problem with this was the variety of locations and extras and general logistics needed, which really blew up the budget. Ultimately, one late night at around 2am I got the idea to pare down the first draft and then reshape it into what it became. We filmed the video at my mom’s house in one of her spare rooms. Working within that really limited setting helped us hone the storyline to something we could record in a matter of three hours one Saturday afternoon.

What is your hope for the future with Gloom Wizard?

Just the usual hopes of a fledgling, small time goth band: Sex, drugs, rock and roll, crashing luxury cars, a couple overdoses, destroying hotel rooms, getting to make ridiculous riders, for the guy from BEHIND THE MUSIC to narrate our ordeals. Apart from this, we really just want people to listen to our music, watch our videos, and find a space for themselves in what we create. More than anything, we love playing live shows just because we get to see people get lost in the music, in the moment. We’re really looking forward to things opening up again so we can maybe plan some tours and big shows in the very near future.

Caroline Blind “Tribe” the remixes

Caroline Blind has a new single release of an old Sunshine Blind song complete with remixes of some of the biggest names in goth. I know getting that “old school” sound is the coveted concept of the day. One great way to insure it, get a who’s who super group of some of the best Old School musicians still in the game. Names like Ben Christo (The Sisters of Mercy, Diamond Black), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Gary Numan, Peter Murphy, The Mission), and Andee Blacksugar (KMFDM, Black Sugar Transmission, Peter Murphy), along with her former Sunshine Blind bandmates. Mastered by the always amazing Gordon Young

A bursting dark driver. It’s full of nostalgia both in the sound as well as the way it makes you think about your connections, your tribe. The song was from 1992 and played often in live sets but never found it’s way onto a Sunshine Blind cd, which is a crime, because it thumps. Caroline’s voice shows her range drifting between the ethereal and the broken glass grit of Johnette Napolitano. It really places you on a rocking ship in a storm of purple/grey skies and lightning flashes. It’s so exciting hearing from voices I grew up enthralled with showing how much they still have to say in the modern climate. The guitar work here is next level, a laser precision of crackling light. This track just makes me sway from the hard steady rhythm and the vocal intensity that only Caroline can deliver.

A perfect nexus for old goth fans and baby bats just finding the scene and wanting to feel connected to where we came from. Shine up your leather and hit the dance floor hard.

Our interview with Caroline !!

For those that want a musical education of people who built this scene featured on this single

Death Loves Veronica “Red Leather”

The second single from Texas siren Veronica Campbell off her Cold Transmission released album “Chemical”. The video opens with shiny sinister Velvet Underground leather. Burning wire synth beats, and a bright red smile full of danger. The delivery and the distance are aggressive and enticing in a captivating duality. Veronica always brings a very personal and revealing style to her songs. I love that this is not set pieces or background. The video matches the music with it’s close up introspective feel. The shadowy ram horn character is present, but a foil not a focus. This song is tendrils of smoke always creeping around you while you fall deeper into eyes you can’t turn away from. The playfulness lends a strength. A sense of being the one in control. Red leather is the power tie that holds the authority in this room. The end is a twist I won’t spoil. This is another great example of how Death Loves Veronica is showing that strength, control, intelligence are the sexiness that captures the modern imagination.

Video Review/Interview- Kandinsky Noir – Two Chords

Kandinsky Noir – Berlin’s speed metal intrustro dance band lead by Anto Rom have released a new video with the vision of  Iya Poteshkina. The track is a percussive explosion of high speed organic drums which bleed a cut time metal feel into the gothy tones. The chanting melody paves way for a rough demon growl. The lyrics are full of subtle entertainment themes. I love this chorus ” Two chords to lie, To grip our mind, This bread and circuses, Cuts deep inside.” The ferocious impact probably skates closer to metal than I usually dare venture. I found myself lost in the torrent of blood and emotion. Crushing ballistic guitars and locomotive bass lines. This track comes on you quick, runs you down, and never stops speeding towards the next station.

The video was a simple but powerful expression of DIY effects. That haunting and gorgeous face pressed to cellophane . The cuts, red lighting, ferocious playfulness made it engaging and frightening. Make my pulse quicken and you have my attention.

Anto Rom


How did this project start, tell me your history ?

This project started in January, as the new Lockdown in Berlin began and I could no longer rehearse with my just born 3-Pieces Post Punk Band. A bit of experimentation with Ableton and many hours of collective boredom and I was able to release my first track at the end of January, thanks to the mix and master work of Joshua Pfeiffer. I continued exploring different sounds (from EBM to Glam Rock to Industrial) until a determinate equilibrium was reached. My last two tracks Opfera and 2 Chords are two industrial metal songs, with some progressive and goth elements.

What is the theme or feeling of this video you wanted to capture?

Two Chords is a song about the relationship between art and power, trying to enhance the instance that the form is already part of the message. The video was created and based on a performance of the young Russian Artist Iya Poteshkina, where the performer herself immersed in a deep red Lynchian Chamber struggles between a seductive attitude of the partial body object and the unbearable of the wholeness. The continuous presence of the plastic film stands for the thin artificial “patina” splitting the duality between compromise and integrity. The on-screen writings in Cyrillic are quotes by Bertolt Brecht, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Theodor Adorno, Rainer Maria Rilke, Fabrizio De André: all of them tried to analyze the role of art within the capitalist society.

Tell me about the scene in your city?

The scene in Berlin is really various and EBM, Post Punk and Synthpop are loved by huge audiences. I love Detriti Records, Death Disco, The Brutalist, She lost Kontrol, Philipp Strobel und NNHMN

What are you excited for in the future?

The next track, that will be released in June, which is far more experimental, more melodic and will contain a wonderful saxophone solo on a black metal instrumental. The title is “Feeling Nothing (The Privilege of the Rope)

If you were giving a shot that would combine your DNA with an animal giving you it’s traits and powers what animal would it be ?

I love cats, I have a cat named Luzifer and would like to have his coolness and laziness at every moment, even if loud techno bass tones make the floor tremble. This are real scenes from my household 🤣


Two Chords

And in the distance the icons calling,
We serve the purpose, master’s alibi
The odd and dissonant are overwhelming
Obliterated like thieves in the night

One time to sink,
Two times to split the circle
One time to lead,
Two times to mesmerise.

Two chords to die,
To soothe our eyes,
To solve the conflicts,
Make us blind

Two chords to lie,
To grip our mind,
This bread and circuses
Cuts deep inside.

To wish upon a star?
Who needs to see these scars?

And in the slaughterhouse of our perception
We lose our senses in the masterplan
Another hit, another chant to march to,
Another lullaby to neutralise.

One time for fame,
Two times to meet the abyss
One time for crave,
Two times to feed the masses.

Two chords to die,
To soothe our eyes,
To solve the conflicts,
Make us blind.

Two chords to lie,
To grip our mind,
This bread and circuses
Cuts deep inside.

To wish upon a star?
Who needs to see these scars?

Ecstasy and suicide
Discipline and call to arms!

A di-lemma
Ecstasy and suicide
Discipline and call to arms!

It’s Time To Revive The Label Compilation “Broken Hearts and Robot Parts”

One million years ago before the internet it was a lot harder to find the greatest new music. We would head down to the record store and buy the latest compilation from our favorite record labels. Cleopatra and Wax Trax were mine. Streaming services made this a bit of a lost art. COP International has started a new series of comps called “Broken Hearts and Robot Parts“. I beam with pride that I got to choose the name. Christian Petke and team have done a smaller more focused spotlight on label bands and future unsigned talent. It’s great to see a label with a storied history and powerhouse producer like John Fryer take an interest in growing new bands for the sake of the scene. This is the future I have longed for where labels fulfil the promise of family and support so many of us dreamed of. Amazing artwork from Greg Rolfes ties together the concept. Let’s dig in to Part I.

The production levels of everything here are outstanding. I love that COP made sure everyone added to this comp where putting their best foot forward and highlighting each band at their best performance. The music has a diverse range but a cohesive idea of guitar focused rock music blended with electronic elements.

Johnny TupolevShot In Black and White – Out the gate with a strong delivery from a COP International artist. The German performer opens with a tension building breathing vocal and then explodes into a crushing crowbar guitar riff. The vocals have expressive Mike Patton flare. I love the hard Alt rock flavor with electronic elements and a introspective message of ego death.

Suicide QueenSwan – Truly a dripping oily black horror sound held in a white lace glove. The Oakland CA band delivers beautiful New Order keyboard melodies, washed over by Kay Dolores filthy and distinct rasping growl. It creates fierce contrast that leaves you both lulled and unnerved. This track is a rush of wind at your back, pushing your spread wings to a danger you are trying not to face.

Machines With Human SkinWatch It Burn – The project of our dear friend Adrian Halo of Chicago. A furious cyclone of fire and wind. I love the wispy style vocals and digital drive. Great use of dynamics that cause the chorus to hit hard with fist pump and boot stomp moments. Wicked overlapping guitar solo around the 3 minute mark give an organic blast to the cold electronic swirl.

unitcode:machinePaper Empires (Regional Adjunct Remix by GW Childs) Dallas Texas cyber wizards set loose this stop and start bleep bloop broken mechanical dance. I love the way Eric is spinning an static buzz story with his voice and the even cadence walk.

The Burying KindFalling Over – One thing I will never stop screaming from the rooftops is about the Chicago duo of Dan Milligan (The Joy Thieves) and Scott-David Allen (A Covenant of Thorns) . They both took the leap, trusted in each other and made one of the best Shoegaze albums I have heard in over a decade. This track in particular highlights the romantic gothic beauty of Allen’s vocals and the grey pallet tapestry of Milligan’s production. I love using this as an outro to this emotional journey.

I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful journey that puts on display the wealth of modern music that has our scene buzzing with excitement.