Review of Kid Saint Nothing album “Above_Below”

Members: Reggi “WereWolf” Paige

Hometown: Kalamazoo (Secret goth haven of the midwest)

Label: Self Release

Shameless self promotion of Reggi in an Amaranth Tshirt ­čśë

I really couldn’t be more excited for this release. I just don’t do enough to promote the amazing Kalamazoo Music scene and Reggi has been a mainstay of it for over a decade. With Kid Saint Nothing‘s new album Above_Below they have truly their opus with a mature beautifully crafted dark edge synth wave. It shows a maturity of sound and a tender adolescence of feeling. Capturing his pure and tortured soul with pin point melodies and nostalgic themes. I know I am having trouble hiding that feeling of proud big brother from my voice, but I am genuinely blown away by what he has created here. These songs are haunting and ran through my mind all day. The drum fills are explosive and the simple feel of the rising keys put me in mind of Mr.Kitty. A compliment i do not throw around lightly.

Reggi and Buddha

This album has such a diversity of sound but all fits together like pieces of a puzzle. They have a soulful voice and lyrics that cut a vein and spray it all over you. Something I feel like modern music could use a healthy dose of. Reggi croons and drones in equal measure with a lot of Emo sensibility measured with 60’s surf. I’ve heard them sing in a few projects but never with this control and clarity and it left me wondering why not until now. The styles are a little all over the place, but they are every place I wanted to be.

Top Tracks: Fuuuuuck how to pick, listen to it all….but

Let’s Fall In Love: This beautiful bumpy synth lets Reggi croon like 80’s solo Peter Murphy. It’s tender and heartfelt. I love the 50’s doo wop feel on the chorus. This song built a home in my head and lived there all day.

Save Myself: Yummy yummy drum beats. Call to me from beneath the sea. This dark wave builder is full of imagery as it slithers and winds. The lyrics appear as a whisper and make you lean in to hear. Reminded me a bit of my friend Vin from Ghost of Bela Lugosi. (Reggi is a fan). Even the angels can’t save you from yourself.

This Is Not Your Home: It’s like a movie I saw but can’t remember the plot of. I like his lower register build to the vocals. The tender sliding synth pads creating this solitary house. One you are looking at from outside.

Maniac On The Floor: This cover of Michael Sembello is just must hear, trust me

Look I know I got a bit gushy on this one. I am just so proud of the album a dear friend has created. I know i am pretty close to this but after hearing music all over the world for this review page. I feel pretty confident this isn’t just connection. It’s not the cleanest constructed record I have heard this year. Yet it is definitely one that made me feel as much as anything. I really can’t recommend it enough. You will be glad you gave it a try. I can’t wait to have Amaranth play with them.

Rediscovering The Undead Past

This page is dedicated to bringing attention to and shining a light on the underground.Although we do tend to focus on newer bands and artist I would like to take a moment to introduce you to some artists of the past that may have escaped your radar.

The goth scene seems to be a little stuck, just repeating the same old Sisters Of Mercy records and this has been touched upon in a previous Editorial article so I wont get too deep into that in particular.I often spend several hours just hunting the interwebs for specifically 80s bands that didn`t get the same exposure as others or maybe didnt stick around long enough for that to even be a possbility. In my musical hunts I have stumbled upon some lost treasures and that is what I want to present here now.

Where informaton is available I will attempt to provide what I can as far as period of activity, discography and line-up.

These will be presented in no particular order although I will say my personal favourites include CORTEX and ROSEGARDEN FUNERAL : )

Remain In Silence


Seven Rooms (1985)Monuments (1985)

This Is The Place Where Resistance Got Lost (1987)

Fountainhead (1995)

The Comfort Of Strangers (2001)

Lonesome Hours – The Seven Rooms & Monuments Recordings (2013)

And The Soul Goes On (2016)

Active:1983 – ??

Lineup: Buchwald (Guitars) Gimpel (Vocals)

Genre: Post Punk/Goth Rock/Darkwave


Origin: Sweden


Spinal Injuries (1983)

Live At Urania (1984)

Cortex/Mystikens Vacuum (1984)

You Can`t Kill The Boogeyman (1986)

1987 (2018)

Active: Early 80s – ??

Members (First album line-up) :

Freddie Wadling (Vocals, Keys/Synth)

Uno Wall (Drums)

Gerth Svensson (Guitar/Strings)

Conny J├Ârneryd (Percussion)

Michael ├ľrthendahl (Synthesizer/Strings)

Rosegarden Funeral

Origin: Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Genre: Gothic Rock/Post Punk
Active: 1986-1988


Early Demos (1986)

These Haunted Hours (1988)

Second Coming

Origin: Barnsley, United Kingdom

Genre: Post Punk

Active: ?


Dean Peckett (vocals, bass)

Brian Bettney (Guitar)

Dean Ormston (Drums)


Incest (1984)

The Return E.P. (1985)

Bites & Stabs (1985)

Torn In Two (1986)

Active: ?

The Preachers Of Twilight

Origin: France

Lineup: 1988-1990 (????)

Garance Daniel (Vocals/Keyboards)
Astilly Laurent (Bass/Guitar)


On The Razors Edge (1988)