Caroline Blind “Tribe” the remixes

Caroline Blind has a new single release of an old Sunshine Blind song complete with remixes of some of the biggest names in goth. I know getting that “old school” sound is the coveted concept of the day. One great way to insure it, get a who’s who super group of some of the best Old School musicians still in the game. Names like Ben Christo (The Sisters of Mercy, Diamond Black), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Gary Numan, Peter Murphy, The Mission), and Andee Blacksugar (KMFDM, Black Sugar Transmission, Peter Murphy), along with her former Sunshine Blind bandmates. Mastered by the always amazing Gordon Young

A bursting dark driver. It’s full of nostalgia both in the sound as well as the way it makes you think about your connections, your tribe. The song was from 1992 and played often in live sets but never found it’s way onto a Sunshine Blind cd, which is a crime, because it thumps. Caroline’s voice shows her range drifting between the ethereal and the broken glass grit of Johnette Napolitano. It really places you on a rocking ship in a storm of purple/grey skies and lightning flashes. It’s so exciting hearing from voices I grew up enthralled with showing how much they still have to say in the modern climate. The guitar work here is next level, a laser precision of crackling light. This track just makes me sway from the hard steady rhythm and the vocal intensity that only Caroline can deliver.

A perfect nexus for old goth fans and baby bats just finding the scene and wanting to feel connected to where we came from. Shine up your leather and hit the dance floor hard.

Our interview with Caroline !!

For those that want a musical education of people who built this scene featured on this single