Steven Archer Rants: Dear Humans

Dear humans…

Look, shit looks kinda bleak at the moment.
It’s really not, things are changing and shits going to get hard for everyone, but it’s not the beginning of the apocalypse or anything.

Right now, the entire planet is going through shock. And they are grieving for the life that they took for granted and now feel is gone.

And as you well know, everyone grieves in different ways. Some use dark humor, so get online and complain, and some crawl into corners and make their own permanent choices to temporary situations.

And I get it, when you feel like everything is out of control, you look to the one thing that’s yours that you *can* do something about. And the action, in theory adds resolution to the whole thing. “Don’t know how it’s gonna end? Well if I kill myself then I have my very own timeline and do it on my own terms.”

But the thing is you’ve never known how this is gonna end. This whole life thing. Sure you’ve got plans, but obviously as has been demonstrated, it doesn’t take that much to rip us into pieces as it were.

So in the end, you’re looking at offing yourself because your plans got canceled.

Plans get canceled all the time though.

You’ve probably canceled someone else’s plans more than a few times. And they, like you, will pick themselves up, dust themselves off and make new plans.

Is all of this really inconvenient?
Sure as hell is.
Will we have to deal with a hurricane of bullshit?
Oh yes, including shit that you won’t see coming.

But, my dudes, this is nothing compared to living through WWII, or any of a thousand other things that humans have dealt with.

And never the less we persisted.

Because in the end, for as self destructive as we are, for all of the bullshit we have inflicted on each other, we are still here. And every day we learn new things about the universe or discover new animals or have kids or make art or whatever it is that makes life worth living for you.

It’s ok to feel sad.
Or helpless.
Or scared.

You will get through this.

Because anything else.
It’s just boring.
And is likely to make things worse for the people you leave behind.

And to be clear, my dudes, this is not written just for people thinking about offing themselves.

All of us are dealing with this grieving.

Keep that in mind.
Try to be tolerant and patient.