Sounds and Shadows joins (The Belfry Network)

Since starting Sounds and Shadows, I have been re-immersing myself into the goth subculture, old and new. Part of that was listening to other podcasts on a variety of dark related topics: I’ve always felt if you want to be a better writer, you must read good writers. I have found the same logic holds true for making a podcast. Part of that research led me to “Cemetery Confessions” the #1 goth podcast in the world, so I was thrilled when they reached out and told me they had really enjoyed our podcast and would like us to be in their club of immense darkness. As I got to know some of the other podcasts in the group, I figured I should take some time to share them with you.

Cemetery Confessions: Daniel Ford has built an amazing following and earned the respect of artists, musicians, and fans the world over. He has widely varied guests from the scene. Discusses topics like “Gatekeeping” “The Evolution of Goth” “Native Goth” which are well thought out and researched. A wonderful blend of humorous and informative with lots of the best in new and old Goth. There is a good reason Cemetery Confession’s really sets the standard for this genre.

Rose Sinister Vampire Podcast

Rose Sinister: So a lot of goth culture tends to focus on the music or fashion. Yet literature has always been an important part of the scene and of building the aesthetic. This podcast focuses on vampires and macabre culture in books.

The Morbid Curiosity – This really cool podcast focuses on the history and stories of the dark and dangerous parts of the human mind. Great research and fascinating subjects.

Horror – This is a really cool discussion and review page for horror novels and movies. They also have some excellent musical interludes like Valentine Wolfe. Run by Emerian Rich from San Fran. She is passionate about the spook and really gets great discussion going.

Gothcast – Dr. Sanders runs this awesome goth podcast I had been listening to for a while. It has several pieces on goth music history, books, the scene, new music. They really do their homework. If you are finding goth and weren’t born in 1973 this is a great place to learn and speak like an old soul.

The Green Widow

Necromancy Radio – Australian podcast and blog by The Green Widow. Really cool discussion on the goth music scene. I also like all the goth AF jewelry she makes and sells on the site. She does fabulous interviews with bands that really give an in depth look. I want to hear her interview The Ghost of Bela Lugosi

 Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves

Midnite Lounge – I really like the perspective of two younger goth voices. They talk about a lot of pop culture with darker themes. Lots of TV discussion, movies, and general spook.

I Confess – Dj Gomez from Cemetery Confessions Mark does some quick hits about a variety of topics in the goth culture. Interested and open minded takes. I like that a DJ you would expect to hear primarily on music from gives some opinion pieces.


Gothropology – Ok I loved this podcast. It was something that crossed over Rachel and my interest. Talking about history and culture. Goth parenting, social constructs, feminism and in general studying the true cultural aspects.

Mikhail Büer

The Dark Light – This is an awesome music show with some of the best in new and old dark music. In fact I really need to send them an Amaranth album. It opened with a goth cover of Backstreet Boys so obviously I am here for this. No discussion just music but great music.

Sounds and Shadows – Now we are here. I assume if you are reading this then you know us. However we do Reviews, Interviews, news, and podcasts of everything happening in the world of Goth/Industrial/Edm/Synthwave/Postpunk/Darkwave/Shoegaze and more.

The podcast scene is a new one for us and I am proud to be with such fine creatures of darkness and delight.