Video Review/Interview- Kandinsky Noir – Two Chords

Kandinsky Noir – Berlin’s speed metal intrustro dance band lead by Anto Rom have released a new video with the vision of  Iya Poteshkina. The track is a percussive explosion of high speed organic drums which bleed a cut time metal feel into the gothy tones. The chanting melody paves way for a rough demon growl. The lyrics are full of subtle entertainment themes. I love this chorus ” Two chords to lie, To grip our mind, This bread and circuses, Cuts deep inside.” The ferocious impact probably skates closer to metal than I usually dare venture. I found myself lost in the torrent of blood and emotion. Crushing ballistic guitars and locomotive bass lines. This track comes on you quick, runs you down, and never stops speeding towards the next station.

The video was a simple but powerful expression of DIY effects. That haunting and gorgeous face pressed to cellophane . The cuts, red lighting, ferocious playfulness made it engaging and frightening. Make my pulse quicken and you have my attention.

Anto Rom


How did this project start, tell me your history ?

This project started in January, as the new Lockdown in Berlin began and I could no longer rehearse with my just born 3-Pieces Post Punk Band. A bit of experimentation with Ableton and many hours of collective boredom and I was able to release my first track at the end of January, thanks to the mix and master work of Joshua Pfeiffer. I continued exploring different sounds (from EBM to Glam Rock to Industrial) until a determinate equilibrium was reached. My last two tracks Opfera and 2 Chords are two industrial metal songs, with some progressive and goth elements.

What is the theme or feeling of this video you wanted to capture?

Two Chords is a song about the relationship between art and power, trying to enhance the instance that the form is already part of the message. The video was created and based on a performance of the young Russian Artist Iya Poteshkina, where the performer herself immersed in a deep red Lynchian Chamber struggles between a seductive attitude of the partial body object and the unbearable of the wholeness. The continuous presence of the plastic film stands for the thin artificial “patina” splitting the duality between compromise and integrity. The on-screen writings in Cyrillic are quotes by Bertolt Brecht, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Theodor Adorno, Rainer Maria Rilke, Fabrizio De André: all of them tried to analyze the role of art within the capitalist society.

Tell me about the scene in your city?

The scene in Berlin is really various and EBM, Post Punk and Synthpop are loved by huge audiences. I love Detriti Records, Death Disco, The Brutalist, She lost Kontrol, Philipp Strobel und NNHMN

What are you excited for in the future?

The next track, that will be released in June, which is far more experimental, more melodic and will contain a wonderful saxophone solo on a black metal instrumental. The title is “Feeling Nothing (The Privilege of the Rope)

If you were giving a shot that would combine your DNA with an animal giving you it’s traits and powers what animal would it be ?

I love cats, I have a cat named Luzifer and would like to have his coolness and laziness at every moment, even if loud techno bass tones make the floor tremble. This are real scenes from my household 🤣


Two Chords

And in the distance the icons calling,
We serve the purpose, master’s alibi
The odd and dissonant are overwhelming
Obliterated like thieves in the night

One time to sink,
Two times to split the circle
One time to lead,
Two times to mesmerise.

Two chords to die,
To soothe our eyes,
To solve the conflicts,
Make us blind

Two chords to lie,
To grip our mind,
This bread and circuses
Cuts deep inside.

To wish upon a star?
Who needs to see these scars?

And in the slaughterhouse of our perception
We lose our senses in the masterplan
Another hit, another chant to march to,
Another lullaby to neutralise.

One time for fame,
Two times to meet the abyss
One time for crave,
Two times to feed the masses.

Two chords to die,
To soothe our eyes,
To solve the conflicts,
Make us blind.

Two chords to lie,
To grip our mind,
This bread and circuses
Cuts deep inside.

To wish upon a star?
Who needs to see these scars?

Ecstasy and suicide
Discipline and call to arms!

A di-lemma
Ecstasy and suicide
Discipline and call to arms!

First Friday of February. That Means Bandcamp Day is upon us Again!!

As 2021 begins and the world continues it’s isolation we find comfort where we can. For me that has been finishing an album, enjoying our ShadowBook Facebook group, and finding amazing new music to drop my hard earned duckets down for on Bandcamp day. The first Friday of every month Bandcamp gives all of it’s proceeds from album sales directly to the artist. So let me fire through what will be taking up residence in my ever expanding collection.

StoneburnerNo Light No SparkIt is fairly well known Steven is a friend of the page. That is why I appreciate it so much he never makes me forfeit my integrity by consistently putting out increasingly amazing albums. In this one he calls upon an army of Industrial compatriots to remix some of his recent work. (Bellhead/Assemblage 23 / Machines With Human Skin / Dogtablet/ Sister Sarin / Stabbing Westward / Joy Thieves / Bativia / Hollowboy / Pill Brigade). It’s always a joy to here material you love, reimagined by other people you love. Often they do something I always want to hear from Steven, which is giving even more clarity to his concepts and poetry.

Standout Tracks: All of them.

Amnesialand (Dogtablet – Soldier Ant Mix) Static strikes like brushes, a machine powers up, Steven’s rapping flow is clarified and direct. I love how the drums slide off the beat behind him.

Are You There The Way I’m Here (Assemblage 23 Remix) A slow and deliberate grind that isolates the lyrics. Striking hard on the front beats. Just wave after wave of giant stone wheels crushing the land before it.

No Light No Spark (Terror Management Theory version) Giant and terrifying in it’s scope. This track stomps around on iron legs with drunken fury. A stalking beast of a song.

You can never have too much Stoneburner in your collection.

SINEDesolate District Feat. Chris Connelly – This is an absolute burner single that came out last year. It’s starburst drums and satin vocals, weaving through a shattered landscape. Then it adds in Chris Fuking Connelly. I love this call and answer flow of the vocals. The power of the drum beats shakes your spine. This song is a dance club hit every place in America needs to be thumping through a system. When Connelly is the icing on your cake, that is one hell of a cake. Hot poetry like this “The name’s contagious, written in smoke
You force fed energy, starved and soaked
You misread crime when you look at decline
Desolate district dissolute signs”

Die RobotFrantic – Portland’s cybernetic punk energon cubes released this single in May last year. It’s that perfect synthesis of funky electropunk and smash your face flying robot fist. Great mixture of voices and sensual inflection. I got done stomping my feet to this single and picked up the whole discography. My advice is get this and then when your legs can’t dance anymore build better ones out of broken robot parts.

I Ya Toyah Out Of Order – Chicago/Poland’s favorite one women sound extravaganza has this eagerly awaited sophomore EP out 3/26/21 which is now available for preorder. So far one single is available and just like every time Ania puts out something new, my jaw hit the floor. Instead of napalm energy, this new sound is a cutting laser or focus and complexity. Like a fine wine every moment it lingers in your throat offers a new flavor and tone. This is a must order and early contender to be on albums of the year. It’s so seldom you see someone with the talents of Ania work as hard as she does at her craft to grow exponentially with each release.

Also a bundle package available Unisex T-shirt designed by Chicago artist Danesh Kothari, printed on soft and natural Bella Canvas, plus limited edition holographic sticker, and CD in 6 panel art wallet with 6 page lyric and art insert.
Photos and art by award winning European artist Krzysztof Babiracki.
15% of each physical album sale goes to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to aid mental health cause. Ania is an amazing human changing the world with everything she does.

The Churchill GardenFade Away – Gorgeous new dreampop single with a team up of Andy Jossi and (Whimsical) singer Krissy Vanderwoude. This track is a tear rolling slowly down the cheek just as the sun strikes it to make it sparkle. I kept feeling my heart rise up towards my throat as layer after layer emerged and joined a cacophony of tender sweeping wind. Music to make your feel.

Luis Vasquez A Body Of Errors – I hate to be that guy, that says I was at that one show. I’m just kidding, I love to be that guy. I got to see The Soft Moon at Berghain and it altered the course of my sonic life. This new solo album is a percussion driven instrumental masterpiece. Rising cities, cities destroyed, the screams of a dying age. Textural emotive hums infusing the body and blasting a prism of colors into the mind. I’m not usually one for instrumental works but just like anything when it is done at this level it is something that moves you. Future Sounds of London with the edgy tension of Coil. I want to be back in that bunker in Berlin riding the wave of this journey of sound.

Doors In The LabyrinthThe Shadow Of The Monolith – I love when a band has so many present influences that their is no effective way to categorize it. New album from the Pittsburgh native Josh Loughrey has a textured coldwave isolation crashing up against sizzling guitars and wilderness crooning vocals. Full album release is 3/15 but this first single is full of promise and explosive energy. I had the opportunity to see Josh open for Adoration Destroyed/Lorelei Dreaming and this is an artist with a bubbling volcano of passion ready to explode.

Collapse of Dawnof dreams and nightmares – This is a sound that really leans into it’s album name. A sinister stalking wispy electronic sound. Both Saphirra Vee and Melodywhore contribute vocals and it is a powerful combination to give the shadow images both sensuality and dark intention. My personal favorite was “Silent Howl“, it managed to elevate the surrealism to further the dream metaphor. Just like a dream or nightmare I think the true star of the show were the tiny brushstrokes of sound you don’t remember you heard until later reflection. Everyone who listens will get their own story. I’m glad I heard mine.

Kandinsky NoirDOM​-​J (Feat. Grabyourface) – This track immeadiately puts you back on your heels with explosive force and smashing guitars. Very old school industrial tone with a sharp high speed modern sound. The effect is made even stronger with a wonderful guest vocal by Marie of Grabyourface providing French lyrics. This one is even more special for me because the collaboration came out of our Sounds and Shadows group. A beautiful textured jam with teeth and blood.

DissonanceDamage 1st Assault (Feat Melodywhore) Ok I am a long time fan of Cat Hall, she has one of the most underrated voices in modern electronic. So when I say this is my favorite track I want you to appreciate the weight of that. James lays down a filthy grinding beat that really let her voice off the chain. Puts me in mind of that aggressive feminine power of Lords of Acid and My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult. All broken glass and velvet sass. I can’t wait to hear more from this powerful collaboration. The single also features some powerful remix work from Joe Haze , Machines With Human Skin, Steven Olaf, and more.