World Goth Day Livestreams

World Goth Day

It’s World Goth Day, but gatherings are forbidden; what’s a sad goth to do? Livestreams to the rescue! DJs and promoters from around the world have programmed the next 24 hours and beyond with live broadcasts for the dark of heart. Care to follow me on a livestream crawl?

All day, streaming online:
KEXP Seattle
This affiliate of the University of Washington is playing all goth today. I’ve heard Nick Cave, Dead Can Dance, Concrete Blonde, Swans, Peter Murphy, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Cure, The Soft Moon, and more.

4-6pm EDT on YouTube and Facebook Live:
Darkitalia World Goth Day Fest
About two hours of heavenly obscure music: home editions, unreleased songs, premiere/unreleased videos and greetings from the best darkwave artists all around the world, including Clan of Xymox, Sonsombre, Palais Ideal, and more.

6pm EDT streaming online:
NEVERMORE – Online Alternative Convention
Featuring bands, performers, interactive games, special guests and more.
8pm EDT – Live performance by Interface

9pm-1am EDT on Twitch and Zoom:
Recording & touring member of The Magnetic Fields DJ Chris Ewen has a weekly show mixing live 80s NEW WAVE, POST PUNK, ELECTRO, & some Old School Goth + Industrial on Twitch. Join moderator Xtine & Anna Feder on the “HEROES” Zoom video meet-up during the stream.

9pm-1am EDT on Discord:
Obscura Undead Virtual Nightclub
Weekly dance party. Tonight – SIX rooms spinning music, live chats and more. They’ve added a Spotify room so you can chill and seek out tracks you love. This week they’ve added Guest DJ Rickbats.

9pm-2am EDT on Twitch:
Escape: World Goth Day
DJs Luna and SINdrome (based in Philadelphia) spin only the best Goth, Industrial, Post Punk, Aggrotech, Deathrock, Darkwave, Alternative Classics & More.

10pm-12am EDT on Zoom:
A casual chat about all things Industrial Music
Louisiana’s DJ Scott Durand of Dark Indulgence Industrial Mixshow invites you to a Zoom meeting to discuss Industrial Music, Rivethead culture and Cookies. With Rexx Arkana (FGFC820), John Bechdel (Ministry, Killing Joke) and more.

10pm-1am EDT on Twitch:
From Bits Bedroom: A World Goth Day Special
DJ Bit of San Francisco’s Death Guild hosts a special extended radio stream celebrating World Goth Day, running the gamut of early goth, post punk and dark new wave to current black-ensconced offerings. 

11pm-3am EDT on Twitch:
Mechanismus and YES Music Productions presents
Covid-19 Resistance Live Stream Music Fest: Part 2
Today’s band performances include Vigilante at 12:30am EDT and Watch Clark at 1:30am EDT; DJs also spin.

11pm-4am EDT on Twitch:
La Petite Mort- 21st Century Goth with DJ Scary Lady Sarah
An Array of 21st Century Goth, Postpunk, Deathrock, & Darkwave Music Curated by Chicago’s DJ Scary Lady Sarah. Virtual version of an occasional club night.

11:30pm EDT on Twitch:
DJ Shok in L.A. says he’s doing a World Goth Day livestream:

11:50pm-5am EDT on Twitch:
World Goth Day 2020 – Cuvious Live Set Party from home
Hungarian DJ Lilian Goth presents a World Goth Day party featuring bands like Joy Division, The Cure, Bauhaus, Corpus Delicti, Faith And The Muse, Actors, Selofan, Lebanon Hanover, She Past Away…

12-3am EDT on Twitch:
World Goth Day / Quarantine edition / Tijuana MX
Dj set by: H†R / Christabel / Angelous

12-5am EDT on Twitch:
Deviant Zero – Dark Electronic Dance Live Stream with DJ Slave1
Denver’s DJ Slave1 spins Industrial/DarkTechno/IDM/EBM/EBSM/DarkElectro beats at this virtual version of a regular club night.

1-3am EDT on Twitch:
Bar Sinister & Wenzday’s Party Presents:
World Goth Day – Deadstream

DJ Set with jpeg01

1-4:30am EDT on Twitch:
Death Guild Friday Radio
DJ Joe Radio of San Francisco’s Death Guild features a mix of dark electro, synthpop, darkwave, and industrial. And cats!

1-5am EDT on Twitch and Zoom:
Communion L.A. World Goth Day Edition
Moves from ethereal to darkwave to coldwave to industrial.

7am-11:30pm SATURDAY EDT on Twitch:
World Goth Day Stream
28 DJs from 11 countries provide you with a total of 16 and a half hours of music to dance to at home. DJs include Rickbats, William Faith, Scary Lady Sarah, Sean Templar, martin oldgoth…

Hot New Music To Climb Your Walls To

As isolation has crept on I have felt myself turning more and more to the solace of music to both find peace, and to feel a sense of connection. I have been listening to a lot of great live streaming shows like Obscura Undead, The Witching Hour, and PostEverything. So I am picking up on a lot of new releases and thought I would share some of what is currently kindling the dark fire in my heart.

Radio Shows Mentioned Above 🙂

Obscura Undead
The Witching Hour with DJ Little Rose

DogTablet – The first release I want to discuss is the Muscle and Bone Remixes from Dogtablet. This project is an amazing team-up of Martin King (Test Dept/Pigface) and Jared Louche (Chemlab) . The original album was an exciting homage to totem culture with beautiful high art aspects seldom heard in traditional industrial. Here they have brought in an impressive who’s who of Electronic music to re-imagine this breathtaking album. 20 tracks each with a different lens and feel. This album really needs it’s own in depth review but I wanted to call out a few tracks. Listen to this all star list: Hepster, Mary Byker, The Joy Thieves, Stoneburner, Bootblacks, Jim Marcus (GoFight), Curse Mackey, Sapphira Vee, Melodywhore. This whole album is an emotional powerhouse and a fitting tribute to King/Louche two of the most beloved in this scene.

Adoration Destroyed – Our favorite glitter gloom rockers from Austin Tx have released a new EP with a cover of Billie Eilish “You Should See Me In A Crown” Look the young pop star has a divisive effect on the goth community, one thing that can’t be denied is she does badass hooks. Erik and Ritch have made this track positively explode. I really enjoyed the song “Tonight” as well. It has that tension building scene in an 80’s action film feel. Erik’s voice drips with oil soaked longing while crawling towards that chorus on the floor. Then everything leaps forward like a vampire in fast motion. I understand the cover was the focus of the release, but this song is the real gem.

The Ghost Of Bela Lugosi – Just when I think Vin can’t surprise me any more with his ability to zig and zag in new directions he does a perfect latin flavor deathrock. It shakes hips, it sizzles, he rides that baseline like a chopper through downtown. That cutting upstroke guitar is a blistering cadence. Vocals calling like ancestors from beyond the veil. I love everything about this song.

Then Comes Silence – The newest album Machine from the Swedish post punk stars is tight, modern, and crackling with life. Vocalist Alex Svenson has this deep rich Micheal Hutchence flavor and star appeal. The more I listen the more impressed I was by the blood pumping through every song. This is not that post punk that sits in the back of a room smoking a cigarette trying to look cool. This is that post punk jumping off the stage getting in the crowd dripping sweat and sending it’s precision out with reckless abandon.

Secret French Post Card – More greatness from Sweden, this Cold Transmission band has a new release Out Of You. A great contrast to Then Comes Silence they have a beautiful more subtle flavor. The music put me in mind of The Cure Pornography. Olli Ohlander voice has a great range and romantic crooning quality. Intelligent and introspective music for a cold rainy night.

Sóvárgás – Really cool Hungarian post punk sent to me from Brandon of Sonsombre, so you know it’s good. Really dynamic time changes here. That organ effect melody that floats through the background really creates movement. Crunching thick guitars give it some teeth. The vocal delivery is bottom of the well deep with an intense cadence. They only have a few tracks out but i hear a lot of potential here.

Costume – New album from the Italian electro-pop band. I’m feeling a cool art house Suzanne Vega 99 degrees vibe. Thumping base and spoken word vocals like a slow drink of whiskey. 16 tracks and quite a bit of range here. What would happen if SYZGYX got really excited and bright. This is welcome at my party at 4am.

Mašīna – Newest album from the London band Awake Again With You with a slinky trip hop vibe, but with an up tempo to dance to. I really liked the vocal harmonies here. I found this from the remix they did of Loveblind and kept coming back to the style. It’s almost a Patsy Cline beautiful love song vocal with Tricky throwing beats behind it. It’s a really captivating effect.

Keep sending me music and keep supporting bands. Next Friday Bandcamp is waiving it’s fee so artists keep all the revenue. Great time to get some new music.

Who is going to sift through all the new music in the world to help us find diamonds ?

You might be thinking, Ken, you run a music review page, why would you want to direct people to other pages with the same function? Because I don’t do this for financial gain. I do it to share music that moves me with the world. To help support bands that you need to be listening to. I have continued to try and get better and grow. There are things I feel really good about but the format I do well isn’t everything and isn’t for everyone. I wanted to share some of the pages I am going to and finding great bands and ideas on how I can be better at what I do. In the end we all have the same goal and that is sharing music we believe in to help bands we love get a wider audience. I hope this can also act as a guide for bands looking to share their music and get press. Bands, if you are not sending a copy of your album to reviewers, you are doing yourself a great disservice. I can’t speak for everyone, but personally bands that reach out and interact with me are the ones I am thinking about first. Take the first step.

Obscura Undead – I love this site. They are always posting and do a lot in terms of news and happenings. They focus mostly on Goth/Industrial/Synth and keep right on the cutting edge. Megan and Sherri put out some of the best review videos around which are always interesting and have a fresh take. High production values and lots of personality and humor.

Post Gothic – Run by Oskar Terramortis who has been a part of the European goth scene for ages. This page focuses on Goth and modern traditional in particular. Very in depth and knowledgeable, Oskar knows his business and is a true pro writer. When he says something is good you can feel confident it has been through the paces and proven.

Industrial Island – This is an awesome podcast run by Michael J. Carrasquillo formerly of Wax Trax. Focus is on Industrial which is an area I am never as up to speed on. Michael knows everyone in the business and is always up to date on hottest new tracks. He spent long enough with the label to know it when he hears it.

Dread Music Review – This is a more eclectic page with a pretty wide range from Metal/Goth/EDM/Hip Hop. Really professional look that covers a ton of ground. – This is a widely followed page run by Alex Baker along with contributors Frank Deserto and Andi Harriman . It’s widely followed for a reason….it’s really good. Great writing and huge reach. A lot of bands do premiers with Alex because the level of quality here gets everything he releases in front of a lot of eyeballs. I had the good fortune to meet him when I was in Berlin and he is a wonderful human who cares about music.

Michael Nagy – Runs an awesome youtube channel that does reviews focused on Industrial but has some goth/metal mixed in. I really like his interview style and they always are shot with a professional look and interesting questions that draw great background out of your favorite new bands.

World of Goth – I really like this online zine for the attention to aesthetic and goth culture in addition to in depth reviews. It really comes at the goth scene as a culture rather than just a music style which adds a nice element.

The Infidel Network – A really cool promotion sharing page with a pretty wide range of styles. Videos, interviews, reviews they really cast a wide net but aren’t afraid to get into some of the more experimental music.

Luminous Dash – Cool online zine from Belgium with a focus on Indie and minimalist. They do news coverage, interviews, reviews with a lot of great European stuff I don’t otherwise see.

ElektroSpank – Online music magazine covering Goth/EDM/Industrial. They do a really cool format and their reviews are longer and pretty deep. In fact i should really figure out how he sets this page up 🙂

White Light/White Heat – In a way I think they really set the standard. It looks about as pro as you can get. when i was first starting out i got feedback from them because I really like their page. They handle an enormous amount of content and do a lot of quick hits along with longer pieces.

Dark Music Net – Out of Germany run by my friend Michael. This page was actually the first to share Sounds and Shadows reviews before i got my own page. I feel like we really share a passion for music and doing less pieces but more in depth. Sometimes I think this page is the other side of my coin in Europe, highly recommend

Rule of Three – Incredible mix cloud Show and magazine featuring Pete Burns of Kill Shelter and Christian Schaefer. They focus on Shoegaze, Coldwave, Darkwave, Goth. Both are certified musical experts and they comb through the vast wasteland to bring you the goods. This is a must listen

Regen Magazine – Setting the standard in Electronic/EBM/EDMIndustrial music reviews for decades. Run by Ilker Yücel they provide an honest journalistic approach to music reviewing.

MusicShock by Alex Shock Music does a wonderful blog full of passion and fire from Alex Dematteis in England. Someone who cares about bands and new music.–XLcA

Other Voices – Great review page that focuses on new music and does in depth reviews

Dark wave Publications – Run by the amazing Veronica of the band Death Loves Veronica. This page is the real deal. A great musician reviewing bands she loves. It’s a must read

Firefly Mouth – Wonderful review page run by my friend Dana. They really do deep dive focus on new artists. I love the eloquence and standard of writing that Dana brings to every review. A real passion for lifting up new artists. Featured genres: Post Punk, New Wave, Darkwave, Shoegaze, Goth.

IdieYoudie – Amazing page run by Bruce and Alex. I really love the professional look and wide range of genres covered. They also do a great podcast. This is a great template for how to make your page look and a fantastic attitude of lifting the whole scene up.

A Model of Control – A cool UK based Industrial review page. I haven’t had a chance to deep dive it yet but it is run by Adam Williams and is currently accepting submissions.

Black Velvet Audio – A diverse dark genre based page run by Simon Lebby who is a huge supporter of the scene. I really like how much this page feels like an old school printed zine. Nice personal touch.

Brainwashed – A nice mix of bigger artists and new up and coming with nice sharp clean writing. Run by Jonn Gauntletier with a focus on goth/coldwave/darkwave.

Sounds and Shadows – Wait, you are already here 😉