Video Premier: Landscape Body Machine “No Cable”

in 1996 Canadian terror tech artist Craig Joseph Huxtable issued a politically charged molotov cocktail upon dance clubs around North America. The influence of that sizzling motion puzzle is still felt on the modern scene today. Today Sounds and Shadows is proud to premier a remixed video for “No Cable”. The track will be released on bandcamp 4/15/22 and features additional remixes by Urceus Exit, Caustic, The Gothsicles, and Slighter. Pristine enhanced production by Chris Peterson allows the thunderous bass beat to burst into your chest. The video by Jason Chaos features a robo stegosaurus made of cars, exploding rockets, and more profanity than is recommended to play in your work cubical. An eerie and aggressive fever dream set to trance synths. Anyone who has ever had to call Charter customer service can instantly relate. I am eagerly awaiting what this team of electropunk luminaries unleashes with the unburied source material. Watch and Burn my friends.