Rediscovering The Undead Past

This page is dedicated to bringing attention to and shining a light on the underground.Although we do tend to focus on newer bands and artist I would like to take a moment to introduce you to some artists of the past that may have escaped your radar.

The goth scene seems to be a little stuck, just repeating the same old Sisters Of Mercy records and this has been touched upon in a previous Editorial article so I wont get too deep into that in particular.I often spend several hours just hunting the interwebs for specifically 80s bands that didn`t get the same exposure as others or maybe didnt stick around long enough for that to even be a possbility. In my musical hunts I have stumbled upon some lost treasures and that is what I want to present here now.

Where informaton is available I will attempt to provide what I can as far as period of activity, discography and line-up.

These will be presented in no particular order although I will say my personal favourites include CORTEX and ROSEGARDEN FUNERAL : )

Remain In Silence


Seven Rooms (1985)Monuments (1985)

This Is The Place Where Resistance Got Lost (1987)

Fountainhead (1995)

The Comfort Of Strangers (2001)

Lonesome Hours – The Seven Rooms & Monuments Recordings (2013)

And The Soul Goes On (2016)

Active:1983 – ??

Lineup: Buchwald (Guitars) Gimpel (Vocals)

Genre: Post Punk/Goth Rock/Darkwave


Origin: Sweden


Spinal Injuries (1983)

Live At Urania (1984)

Cortex/Mystikens Vacuum (1984)

You Can`t Kill The Boogeyman (1986)

1987 (2018)

Active: Early 80s – ??

Members (First album line-up) :

Freddie Wadling (Vocals, Keys/Synth)

Uno Wall (Drums)

Gerth Svensson (Guitar/Strings)

Conny Jörneryd (Percussion)

Michael Örthendahl (Synthesizer/Strings)

Rosegarden Funeral

Origin: Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Genre: Gothic Rock/Post Punk
Active: 1986-1988


Early Demos (1986)

These Haunted Hours (1988)

Second Coming

Origin: Barnsley, United Kingdom

Genre: Post Punk

Active: ?


Dean Peckett (vocals, bass)

Brian Bettney (Guitar)

Dean Ormston (Drums)


Incest (1984)

The Return E.P. (1985)

Bites & Stabs (1985)

Torn In Two (1986)

Active: ?

The Preachers Of Twilight

Origin: France

Lineup: 1988-1990 (????)

Garance Daniel (Vocals/Keyboards)
Astilly Laurent (Bass/Guitar)


On The Razors Edge (1988)

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