Premier of Blindcopy “P & H”

Exciting new single from Jack Alberson and his project Blindcopy. This is a follow up to the breakout single Blacklight which received critic acclaim. The Tennessee artist brought out his sonic welding torch to fuse upbeat electronic dance, southern soul, and punk grit. The song issues forth a challenge to rise to a loftier goal and hold ourselves accountable. The grooving drive heavy bassline sets the stage. Jack’s voice rings clear but has a snarl and grit that cuts the space in between. I love the skill of electronic execution with the soul of a blues singer. Just enough steel guitar ring to build the percussion and give a place for the guitar riff to slide between. I need a modern song that makes me feel something and this hits that button. It has that grab you by the lapels and shake you factor.

We wanted to try something new for this single. Doing a premier where Sounds and Shadows listeners get first crack at downloading the track for free. So if you share the link, you can go into the comments below and grab a download code. This is available only to you for the first few days.

Cover Art was done by our very own Whitney Flaherty!

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