Bestial Mouths is the musical child of Lynette Cerezo. Originally created alongside her husband Bestial Mouths has been the place of purging for any and all of what may plague the mind and heart of Lynette wether it be the external world, the divorce from her husband and idea of continuing on by herself in a field she had little to no previous experience in, all wrapped up with tribal percussion, howling vocals reminiscent of the icon that is Diamanda Galas and the most wonderfully artistic, beautiful DIY music videos in this scene at the moment.

I recently took part in the online event The Dark Circus X where Bestial Mouths was also on the bill, this resulted in me rediscovering them and getting in touch with Lynette to inquire about music, spirituality, videography and anything else that fell into my mind

You make some really great looking videos, what`s the process like for that and do you collaborate with others on manifesting whatever vision you may have for a song?

It’s very important for me to present a visual that captures the spirit and meaning behind Bestial’s music. The process is different all the time. Some of my songs have a very strong visual concept from inception, an unbendable vision; sometimes I love to see what individual directors intuit from the music. The process can become a very collaborative project where we work off/ with each other, which I love. Creating a video is absolutely a variation on performing and I really enjoy it.

While writing, do you keep visuals in mind for future videos or artwork to accompany a song or even an album?

Oh yes, of course. I seem to always have ideas swimming around in my head. 

There`s a primal element to your music, the combination of the instrumental aspect and your voice can reach truly harrowing as well as beautiful planes, what did you envision when you decided to do this, especially so when doing it on your own?

I envisioned exactly this—reaching other souls, connecting and giving others these emotions and vibes.

Correct me if I`m wrong but you`re originally from Florida and currently live in Berlin? What is it about Berlin specifically that seems to have attracted artistic people for so long that can`t be found in other parts of the world?

I grew up mostly in Florida, but I’ve lived all over the USA. Bestial Mouths was originally formed in LA. 

Berlin attracts so many artists in all forms of media, even now in plague times. It’s really a wonder to be able to be among all this energy. Also the cheaper cost of living as well as Europe’s support of the arts is much greater than Americas. There’s just more opportunity in Berlin.

I believe I read somewhere that you struggle with anxiety and ad/hd ? How do you think that affects your work if at all?

I’ve dealt with long term depression most of my life, which breeds anxiety as well. I am certainly no stranger to panic attacks. Certainly having a short attention span has shaped the way I perform. I essentially mediate before each show to get into my zone. I never put breaks between the songs, or chat with the crowd. Honestly, even if I look at the audience I lose focus. I notice too many details, down to people’s earrings. It’s too much! This I’m sure is also what makes Bestial shows more ritualistic.

Unfortunately I do believe my depression has more of a negative effect on my output. For some artists it can be fuel, but not me. It stops me and breeds insecurity and self-doubt. A. lot of people would call my music ‘dark’—maybe it comes from all this. I think the goal is facing what we are afraid of.

You`re a self-proclaimed workaholic so it would be silly to not ask what you`re currently working on and when we might see the results of it?

I seem to be most at peace and ease when working and having something close on the horizon (as you might guess, stopping lets the anxiety creep in). I also love a challenge and moving forward to keep learning and developing. I’m excited to show the world our new remix album and video we did for the ADULT. remix. Bestial also has a new song that will be released on a limited 7” that comes with a zine and video, and I have a new collab song and video as well plus a few more collabs in the works. It’s a lot more challenging at the moment with the pandemic to know what’s next. So I try to flow as water and stay hopeful.

Bestial Mouth`s visual side is some of the most striking work out there right now, is there a specific message you try to convey with each album cover that relates to the music it represents?

Thank you for the compliment. It means a lot to know that this is noticed because I do put a lot into every visual for these releases. I believe in a full concept with the music, art, and videos; it would be impossible for me to create something without imbuing it with all of these attributes, fleshing it into something fully realized.

The message of course varies per work. But with the last EP INSHROUDDSS I was in a cocoon stage, overcoming a divorce and taking the reigns of Bestial all by myself. I had a lot of pain and betrayals to overcome, and I really had to work to find the strength within me. The LP RESURRECTEDINBLACK is the next phase of the moth emerging— though nothing is ever 100% recovered or perfect. The scars and effects remain just as the realization that the moth’s life is very brief. Death is always close behind.

What`s the creative process like? How does a Bestial Mouth song begin?

Just like the videos, that can take many forms. We have created in numerous ways. Sometimes I have a strong message or lyrics I want to convey, so we write the music to fit that. Sometimes we may come up with some amazing synth parts, and build the meat of the song upon those bones. I also tend to write in cut-up or collage forms, and that can really shape how a song is built. 

Your logo is quite simplistic in being the B and M on top of each other, it brings to mind certain occult teachings specifically those of Peter J Caroll and Austin Osman Spare with their work regarding sigils, are you a spiritual person in any way?

The logo was actually hand drawn by James Livingston of Black Horizons. Years ago we did a tape release and he created it. I felt it reflected Bestial perfectly.

I do not prescribe to any true occult or dark magicks, but I believe in the beauty of the Earth and all that is living. One can never truly know if energy spirits and souls share this reality with us. All I know is the trees can speak if you listen closely.

Both yourself and an artist like Lingua Ignota carry elements of the iconic Diamanda Galas, do you remember how you first came across her work?

I am very fond of Kristin’s work for sure, she’s amazingly talented and insanely good live. I wish I could remember when Diamanda first came into my life; I truly can not imagine the absence of her energy.

Considering the intensity of all that is Bestial Mouths, do you ever feel as if you`re being too vulnerable, exposing yourself too much for comfort?

This is a great question because I do believe I bare it all. This does leave me feeing like my skin has been ripped off, especially after a live performance when reality slips back in after the show ends. I often get confused during interviews and on social media; like, how much do I say or show? But I have shown it all, so what more would people want to know? 

I do not mean this negatively at all. I just get confused. I love to connect to others and I am not trying to be mysteriously ‘cool’ or anything. Maybe because I do expose so much in my art, I’m left insecure as what else to give outside of that.

Without getting into the details I`m aware of you having to face several personal struggles on top of the ongoing pandemic, are things more stabilized now as opposed to at the beginning of all this? How do you think it might colour the next Bestial Mouth release?

I feel I have been truly lucky during this all because life has turned more positive for me overall, but there has been a lot of uncertainty as well. The struggle to stay afloat and maintain the hope to keep going is an uphill one. What is next for live art and music—will it return, and in what form?

Even at this moment I wait to see when I shall return to Berlin as most of my stuff (including my live gear) has been in boxes for a year now. I can not say at this moment what effect it will have on my music, but all comes from the heart and soul, all is colored by experience and life. We shall see.

You`re part of the label Rune & Ruin, what made you want to take on such a job, what do you think you can bring forth as part of it?

I wanted to bring strong hard-working women together and give them the opportunity and platform to do it. 

As for the future I am not sure of those cards; I will have to see how the world evolves.

You`ve shared the stage with the legendary Genesis P-Orridge, what was that experience like?

One I will never forget and feel so fortunate to have. It was Gen’s birthday actually. I felt so starstruck, yet quite relaxed due to Gen’s warm persona.

The space below is for you to use however you wish, recommend some music, books, movies or maybe share a favourite quote, shout outs, whatever you feel like!

It’s time to write your story and touch the Void.

(PS thank you for taking this time with me~ xoxo Lynette)
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