Rudimentary Peni – Great War

Rudimentary Peni is a band truly shrouded in mystery. Born in Abbots Langley, June 1980, this group has released their dirging punk rock drenched in lovecraftian lunacy sporadically throughout the years, showing up when you least expect it before dissapearing back underground again, leaving nothing but the music and Nick Blinko`s beauitfully macabre, dark and entrancing artwork.

Now, as the world is ravaged by plagues of all manners, the Peni is back with the EP “Great War”, released by Sealed Records the EP consists of 10 tracks in true RP fashion, short, sweet and as dirty and gritty as it ever was. I first heard rumous of this release a few years back and according to Sealed Records it was indeed recorded a couple years in the past. Thematically the EP is based around the World War 2 petry of Wilfred Owens which is in line with the 2009 single “The Chances” also based on such poetry and was , untill now, the most recent sign of life from RP.

No Rudimentary Peni release can be talked about without mentioning the artwork. Blinko has carved out his own, unique and instantly recognizable style over the years and although decades have come and gone, surely one would recognize the artist if putting debut album Death Church`s cover alongside Great War.

“Anthem For Doomed Youth”, opening track and first single off the album greets us with a heavy, gritty bass line, Blinko leading the sermon into glorious caocophonous drums, guitars with the distortion set to 11 and all the atmosphere you could ever want from this latest offering.

“Path Of Glory” comes in and hits you like a freight train, classic RP all the way with driving, crushing guitars and pounding drums with Blinko`s instantly recognizable vocals as the rotting cherry on top creating an almost proto black metal sound.

“Crimson Sun” begins as a doomy drige, interrupted by a rapid drumbeat reminiscent of early industrial cutting through, in and out throughout the one and a half minute track, as is the usual lenght of any RP song as long-time devotees will know.

“Mental Cases” brings the pace down but not too much, overblown distorted chaos and yet a sense of serenity hidden beneath the layers of pure filth , this is Death rock with a capital D. No spindly Christian Death imitation guitar to be found here, just pure wonderful chaos and dirt.

“Asleep” clocking in at just under three minutes is the EP`s second longest track and it sounds like an absoloute whirlwind. Blinko in the eye of the storm, howling his maddening gospel unto the ears of any man , woman and others, that will hear. Fading out into the void and bringing us into “Blood For Seed” which brings to mind more than one of my favourite RP tracks, sure to take a place among them. “A Soldiers Dream” comes crashing in like a tornado in your head, ripping you apart at the seems at an unrelenting pace for two mintues and twelve seconds then throws you into “Strange Meeting” which sounds like the sonic equivalent of an uphill batte with is relentless, steady and gritty guitars marching ever onwards like some dystopian machine from a distant yet eerily familiar realm. “Witness” delivers some wonderfully crunchy bass lines cutting through the distorted to death guitars, like your average post punk band on a cocktail of copious amounts of amphetamines, rage and madness.

“The Old Lie” coming in just two seconds shy of three minutes is the final track and the finale story of this Great War. Millitary drums layered under drones of doom and gloom going on endlessly into the night with Blinko front and center leading the way to god knows where. Overall the Great War is indeed great. A worthy addition to the sporadically released EPs and albums from one of the 80s most mysterious entities. Im glad theyre back and Im glad to see Nick Blinkos art adorning the vests, jackets and skin of many in the scene these days, lets hope they know what it is and have been blessed with this cacophony rather than simply seeing a cool image to put on themselves. The EP feels very much in line with previous releases such as Archaic and No More Pain and Im sure anyone whos anxiously waited for a sign of life from RP wont be dissapointed.

Great War is available as digital download, vinyl and CD via the link below:

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