Lab Exp #1: Final Girl
Laboratory Experiments

Laboratory Experiments is a supergroup of sorts, comprised of members who have bashed around the SoCal dark alternative scene for some years now and bonded by their mutual admiration for each other’s music. Now they join forces to forge a new effort that blends their love of acts like Ladytron, NIN and Oingo Boingo into a unified cohesive sound with a mad scientist aesthetic, all in one debut single.

This one comes on with a sexy slow grind that leads to seductive female vocals with lyrics that challenge machismo. A smattering of electronic chirping keeps the listener engaged, whether they’re aware of it or not. This is a dancefloor jam on par with NIN’s Closer. Subtleties are at work, so don’t expect to get it on the first listen. But that’s okay because this track holds up, even on repeat.

Bosh Bonesy

Overlook me, you mistook me – your mistake
Can’t put your bullshit insecurities on me
I’m not made to please you, to satisfy or fuck you
I was made to be me – made to live free in my own skin

And you can’t wear it
You can’t have it
You can’t even touch it – I’m untouchable,
You must be jealous
You want to be famous
But you are nothing, not a mention without me

You want me to bleed for you?
What – you gonna bleed for me?
You want me to die for you?
Are you really gonna die for me?
You gonna hunt me forever like a Final Girl?
You gonna hunt me forever like a Final Girl?

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