Lab Exp #1: Final Girl
Laboratory Experiments

Laboratory Experiments is a supergroup of sorts, comprised of members who have bashed around the SoCal dark alternative scene for some years now and bonded by their mutual admiration for each other’s music. Now they join forces to forge a new effort that blends their love of acts like Ladytron, NIN and Oingo Boingo into a unified cohesive sound with a mad scientist aesthetic, all in one debut single.

This one comes on with a sexy slow grind that leads to seductive female vocals with lyrics that challenge machismo. A smattering of electronic chirping keeps the listener engaged, whether they’re aware of it or not. This is a dancefloor jam on par with NIN’s Closer. Subtleties are at work, so don’t expect to get it on the first listen. But that’s okay because this track holds up, even on repeat.

Bosh Bonesy

Overlook me, you mistook me – your mistake
Can’t put your bullshit insecurities on me
I’m not made to please you, to satisfy or fuck you
I was made to be me – made to live free in my own skin

And you can’t wear it
You can’t have it
You can’t even touch it – I’m untouchable,
You must be jealous
You want to be famous
But you are nothing, not a mention without me

You want me to bleed for you?
What – you gonna bleed for me?
You want me to die for you?
Are you really gonna die for me?
You gonna hunt me forever like a Final Girl?
You gonna hunt me forever like a Final Girl?

Machine by Eva X


Eva X proudly wears her synthpop influence on her sleeve. Her new single, ‘Machine’, grinds with intense rhythms while the vocals play to the more operatic side of Eva’s voice with energy and poise. I love how her lyrics can project angst while her voice projects attitude all at the same time. Touching on subjects like technology and isolation, Eva offers insight from the perspective of “a robot girl singing about human things”, as it reads on her Bandcamp profile. The hard-hitting remix by GRENDEL is a rocker that has a feel that is perfect for jamming out in the car until you look down and realize you’re driving way too fast.

Distance Dealer – “Slasher” Premier

I love synthesis. Rather we are talking genre, or in this case two amazing artist that seamlessly blend styles and perspectives to create something new and beautiful. Here we have Thiago Desant (Phantoms vs Fire) of Brazil and Alexander Donat (Vlimmer) of Germany. Two brilliant sound artists acclaimed for creating texture and motion with music on Blackjack Illuminists Records combining a bubbling chemistry into something more ambitious than their parts. Released as a premier here to quicken the heart and pull your eye towards a million details in the tapestry of distant lives. This project is such an exciting beginning and we at Sounds and Shadows are blessed they chose to start it with us.

This song is a ringing hive of percussion and soulful delivery. The urban beats clash with an animalistic wild feel full of sunlight beaming through green leaves. It’s one of those tracks that has a heartbeat you can feel. The album “Mind Dawns” will be available on preorder this month.

Lyrics: SLASHER: Runners and escapists / it’s time to renew your routes / you’ve been followed for some time now / don’t be in cahoots with stasis / routineers and veterans / built-to-lasts and experts / there’s time right behind your backs / it’s slashing from behind / predictability / army of rabidness / they’re afraid of your mind / whose mind are you afraid of? / delicate and quite graceful / your legs are built to speed / unaware of your enemies / your ears are deaf / they bleed / routineers and veterans / built-to-lasts and experts / that’s time behind your backs / it’s slashing from behind / predictability / army of rabidness / they’re afraid of your mind

Here is a link for the download codes for Sounds and Shadows members

This video is so pure and adorable I may die

Kali Ra “Canto XIV”

Oklahoma City born David Goed, communicates through many aspects. Though of particular note, echoing vicariously through artifices of audible dialect. Casting spells using waveforms are his magic trick, and these sonic evocations stir a bubbling cauldron of emotions. Immolate with Kali Ra, and enter the realm of fusion inspirations. Stamped together like a blacksmith forging a scimitar for an upcoming pillage. Blending styles together in a orchestral way, he encapsulates the vision emerging in his art from worlds apart.

Imagine Kali Ra is a Pirate Ship, where the Main vessel sails around gathering various other aptly seasoned comrades aboard its deck to continue doing what it does best, helping to renew the never-ending cycle of entropy. Making a career out of traveling with a small community of like-minded liaisons to fulfill their encompassing directional fortes. The audible gems of his molding are of the adaptation of his methods, where he explains in a recent interview I had with him, “I take kind of a zen approach, perhaps it seems kind of corny or whatever, but it works for me. I do it for the process itself and not even for the end result. The end result is tenuous at best.”

Other than swashbuckling songs and serving swigs of spiced rum to his shipmates, Kali Ra would love to continue touring. When asked if plans were in works to do once it was safe again, David Goad replied with, “Yes, when it is safe, and by safe I define that as, people have pulled their heads out of their asses and gotten the vaccine.” If you pleased the Goddesses enough you may be lucky enough to catch Kali Ra live some day near you. However, until then you may check out Kali Ra on, Facebook, Most if not all streaming services including Spotify, and Youtube hosts some great videos of theirs as well.

Lou Blacksail

Video Premier Batavia “Fields of Grey”

Another exciting Sounds and Shadows Video premier. This from Teri and Ed Cripps of Jacksonville Florida. This is a slow rolling tension builder track full of politically charged imagery. Teri’s vocals have a warm velvety hum. The synths are the primary scenery build but have a large expansive burst that add an arena sized power. The song comes off their July 4th 2020 release Graveyard. I think what struck me most about video and song was the scope. It kept falling back and forward from intimate to eternity. Gorgeous and dangerous fall into this imagery.