Okay, so shoot me. I lagged.

genCAB’s newest EP, EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS MINE, has been out for over a month by this point. But life has a funny way of distracting us from that which we are truly passionate. Better late than never, I say.

Regardless, this four-song collection is still worth mentioning as one of my standout favorites of 2022. Starting off with Soft, genCAB’s (short for generation CABLE) ability to seamlessly blend styles is very much on display throughout this release. This track never stays in one place long enough to get tedious, although each part is catchy in itself. With its jumpy rhythm pattern and in-your-face lyrics, I haven’t heard anything so “Grebo” since the second Pop Will Eat Itself album.

Cake has a pleasing mid-tempo beat and an atypical melodic progression which I think makes genCAB a standout among their peers.

Wasp Factory pulverizes you from the onset with its grinding metal-on-metal percussion which doesn’t take away from the articulate songwriting.

Only Skin closes the EP with an guitar-fueled epic which shows genCAB is far from a one-trick pony; being able to straddle both rock and industrial without sounding contrived. The somber piano at the end gives the listener a strong sense of closure.

Don’t let EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS MINE get lost in the shuffle among the awesome releases of 2022. genCAB’s game is legit and I, for one, am a true believer.


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