Sounds and Shadows Premier of the New Vlimmer “Höhenluft”

Vlimmer – Höhenluft by Blackjack Illuminist (

I love this extended dance vibe in contrast to the usual auditory architecture of Berlin based Vlimmer. Alexander leads a teeming electro chorus to the desolate crumbling dance floor to stomp through the apocalypse.

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Artist: Vlimmer

From: Berlin

Song: Höhenluft

Taken from the upcoming EP, “Mehrschöpfung” (out later this year)

Music | Blackjack Illuminist Records (

“Höhenluft” is a 9-minute techno adventure that meanders through an atmospheric soundscape touching the industrial and post-punk genre. Originally recorded during the sessions for Vlimmer’s latest album, “Zerschöpfung” (released Aug 25), it now stands for its own, widening the sound of the ever-changing Vlimmer chameleon.

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