Helvete Inc. “The Godhead” Video Premier

Brand new single and video from Baltimore suicide rock artist STR Helvete! After a two year hiatus Helvete Inc. returns with new collaborator “DrumDaddy” Dan Milligan (Joy Thieves) and producer Erik Gufstafson (Adoration Destroyed) to unleash a savage electronic entropy doused in guitar driven gasoline. Briming with life and corruption this creeping track boils over and fills the dancefloor with green fog. STR’s voice cuts through the static with a subtitle melody.

Revel in this ignorance
Confess my sins, kneel and repent
But this ever present nothingness is eating me away
Kill for unseen entities to justify existence
Hold onto faith but drowning in the lies

What is it that you pray for?
The Godhead
What is it that you prey for?
The Godhead


released November 3, 2023

A Major Arcana work
Produced and mixed by Erik Gufstafson
Mastered by STR Helvete
Recorded in The Void

Dan Milligan– Drums
STR Helvete– Music, lyrics, vocals

The Godhead | Helvete Inc. (bandcamp.com)

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