Things that are Dark AF and Slap

Here we are once again sifting through the dark and swirling sands of the internet to find musical diamonds so that you don’t have to. Tonight the Terminus festival is taking place online. Several live Dj Shows on Twitch. So I seek out the sounds that makes my heart go thump.

Seven Federations – Brand new single from North Dakota. If you want slap this has you covered. Just a great rumbling storm rolling accross the plain with a Stabbing Westward distorted echo. Great sliding guitar riffs and a great push pull of the vocal dynamics to really make this move. I want a whole album of this stat.

Swansect – Adrian is firing out EPs faster than I can review them. Always with the best DIY lofi cover art that screams a story. This new offering Labyrinthisis is a bold shift from the atmospheric ambient terror. Full of orcish war drums and southern twang. Haunted high range vocals call from beneath muddy waters slithering with oil. The final track A’ano ‘nin is a swirling dervish of organ and chaos. This is not a pop album, it is abstract and terrifying. Sometimes that’s just what the party needs.

The Joy Thieves – Another killer new EP from The Joy Thieves on Armalyte Records. This one brings the fury right out of the gate. Chris Connelly is well…Chis Connelly and track #1 Genocide Love Song takes his voice off the leash and lets him do what he does best. Crunchy 90’s guitars and Dan Milligan smashing his drums with crisp and combative authority. The cadence almost has a PIL chant in parts. The re-imagining I Blew A Girl by Howie Beno is a romp of madness and energy. I was equal measures laughing and afraid. High energy dance anger.

Girls Under Glass – The Hamberg Germany post punkers cannot be accused of having a throwback sound. When you have been making records since 1987, they just call that keeping it real. This new EP has a classic goth/post punk feel in the darkest vein. Reminds me of The Chameleons but with claws and aggression. This is the sound track of some terrifying Berlin sub basement under a desolate warehouse. Not everyone is ready to walk into that party. I say find your courage and take this dive.

Trevor Something – Fuck yes I am in love. How did I not know this band? From Miami Fl this feels like Mr. Kitty on a bad trip. Beautiful flowing synth wave and throbbing base but the darkest most sinister version. It’s slow, sleezy, and leaves you quivering. This needs to be the chill room soundtrack of every post goth party K hole. Fall in this pit head first now

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