Sounds and Shadows Interview with Richie V. Suriv of MissFit Toys

Recently John Wisniewski had a discussion, with Richie V. Suriv of Orlando, Florida electro rockers Miss Fit Toys. With a new album out Dec 2022 called “The Nine” on Distortion Records let’s hear from the bands founder.

The Nine | MissFit Toys (

Richie V. Suriv: Vocals/Programming

Travis Lee: Drums

Hide – Synth/Keys/Programming

Jayson Fiend – Keys

Tyler DiCarlo – Guitar   

1. When did MissFit Toys originally form and what prompted you to start the band?

MissFit Toys started around 2007 as a solo project, just as a form of therapy. It all became a more serious thing when I started working with Jayson Smith in 2009. He was the one who booked our first show and got me to take the chance.

2. What do you consider to be the biggest inspiration for you to write your music and lyrics?

The music is always written first and is inspired by my overall feeling during that particular day. Some songs wait for years before they ever get lyrics if they ever do, mostly to make sure the song is able to reach its full potential instead of just cranking it out just because we can. Lyrics are a bit more tricky for me but I would have to say The Bible is what I reference the most.

With the Covid Era in mind, could you tell us what was it like recording the new album “The Nine”?

The Nine” was not really affected by the pandemic, rather it was mostly hardware and computer issues that gave us the most trouble.

4. MissFit Toys will be going on tour in Mexico supporting Hocico very soon. Is this the first time you are performing outside of the US? Any special plans for your performances?

Yes this will be our first time outside of the country. As for any special plans for the shows, we do have some things planned but I can’t give anymore info on that at this time.

5. I read that the MissFit Toys live shows are very dramatic. How was the audience reaction when you supported Hocico for the recent US tour?

The US tour came with excellent feedback, I honestly believe it was that feedback that played a contributing factor in our consideration for this upcoming tour with Hocico.

6. In your opinion, do you find the industrial and related dark scenes in a good place like these days?

The industrial community as a whole feels like it’s dying out, and that could be our perspective based on the fact we perform an older style of aggrotech. In spite of that feeling, we love what we do and will continue to perform as long as there are people who connect with our music.
The only way the industrial community can grow is if we all support our local artists. The torch can only pass on as long as there is another generation willing to carry it.

7. Do you have any current favorite industrial, goth or darkwave bands?

It’s hard to pick “favorites” because you are always going to think of someone else you should have added after the fact. But some of our favorite local Florida industrial bands are both 13th Angel and SML8.

8. What lies ahead in the future for MissFit Toys?

For the immediate future, we have just released a music video for “Submit to Slaughter,” a song off our new album “The Nine,” along with upcoming dates with Hocico in Mexico another east coast tour in late 2023.

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