Black Angel : Kiss of Death

I posted about who are the new bands leading the charge in new traditional goth. Goth has evolved, splintered, reformed, and become 100 new sub genres. When you talk about the original roots of goth the conversation tends to draw back to the original 80’s bands. In the last two years that is changing drastically. The hunger for dark fast paced gothic guitar rock has given rise to a new generation of that original stream. Matt Vowels and Black Angel from London are releasing a new album that captures that spirit, puts it on a ghost ship, puts that ship in a dusty bottle, and leaves it in a haunted mansion for some unsuspecting baby bat to discover.

Produced by Matt Vowles.
Recorded and Mastered at The Manor
Copyright Solid Recordings 2020

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The new record jumps in with the title track “Kiss of Death” a haunting sly keyboard swell. As the slashing violet lasers of guitar break into the tempo you are transported back to the storied heroes of goth. The Cult, The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission rise from their graves with this driving bass beat and snapping snares. I’m loving the expertly blended vocals and chaotic harmonies that give real Vision Thing vibes.

Next up is “Animal” and where Kiss of Death was a builder, this song comes out of the gate with thunder and dancer touch guitar taps. That bass line is feral and stalking. It’s a hungry song that owns a dance floor.

Track 8 “She Said” brings the weight level down and intros with a beautiful ringing acoustic guitar ala The Cure. This song feels like a black convertible car on an open road racing away from a stormy sky.

I love how this album matches everything I love about rock and goth together. It’s sleek, it’s sexy, and it keeps the pace up while flowing through peaks and valleys. The vocals are rich and have a bit of southern soul. I think Matt is using this album to make a strong argument his name in this new wave with Sonsombre, The Kentucky Vampires, and others. Long Live Goth.

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